Joe Duffy and Oprah Winfrey

This afternoon.



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43 thoughts on “Joeprah

  1. Bitnboxy

    While one cannot help but notice the chasm between how the Murdoch press has treated Meghan Markle vis à vis Randy Andy, I did struggle to hold interest in the interview beyond the initial 15 mins. You can imagine my surprise when returning to the TV well over 1 hour later to find it still going on.

    1. millie bobby brownie

      That’s because listening to two massively privileged folks air their gripe list of privileged people to another massively privileged person isn’t all that interesting.

      1. Clampers Outside

        Yup, they went on TV to tell everyone their life was horrible but now, they’ve never been happier, yet they’re looking to play the victim and the oppressed… from a billionaire neighbours back garden.

        Reality check needed for all 3.

    2. millie bobby brownie

      And a pint to anyone who can translate that. It made sense in my head but now I’m not so sure.

      1. alickdouglas

        I thought I understood the first time I read it, but when you pointed out that it didn’t make sense, it seems to have stopped making sense. Still more interesting than listening to that shower I imagine.

        1. Paulus

          Ah now this is getting fierce metaphysical altogether like; if a tree falls in the forest and lands on Schrodinger’s cat does it make a sound.

          1. Brother Barnabas

            jesus, you’re right- how come they didnt think of that? how fupping ginger will it be ?

  2. Shitferbrains

    From an earlier BS post..
    Irish- Egyptian , but really nice.
    Why couldn’t Niamh believe her ears ? What does she think Ireland is ? If she’s in any way confused let her look at the ” speight ” Twitter feed. Yuk.

        1. Papi

          Yah, but seriously, Schrödingers cat is all about privilege. I’m dead, I’m alive! I have a box! I’m a philosophical paradox! Wa, wa, wa!
          Get over yourself zombie cat, is what I say.

          1. Papi

            To Janet, and all parents, a small quote from Robert Holdstock, about all parents and all children.
            “When you are born, the world changes”

      1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

        La sprog va bien :) I’m grand :) thanks Lushie ( and everyone )

  3. Nigel

    Is Dollyymount Strand White cocaine? Or a breed of cat? Or the nickname of some vicious criminal?

  4. Bent over Backwards twice

    I hate all this hateful stuff.
    Let’s be more cheerful…
    Everybody needs a good laugh.

    Let’s talk about Brexit.

  5. Scundered

    Family feuds shouldnt be for TV, shame on the media pushing this kind of rubbish, go sort out your family in private with dignity, a TV appearance is sure to make relationships more toxic

          1. benblack

            Btw, has Broadsheet’s Queen V contracted Covid? Haven’t seen a post from her for a few days – strange.

  6. Darren

    Are we all racists now father… What’s the fupping line from the holy see… god bless us it’s time … honestly ashamed if the national broadcaster’s best man of the ppl can talk about race and locality like they are somehow stable positions which mark out reality.. fupp that fupping backstard… hard.. if only cos he has shown his relevance does not stretch far post covid

  7. Gene_C

    Resend this to any old pals or relations living abroad. It’s nice to know that despite our new found societal sophistication, we can still find time for the bitta craic.

  8. Andy Pipkin

    The pictures look like Joe has just opened his lunchbox and Oprah has just got the band of him!.

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