The Plane! The Plane!


This afternoon.

Dublin Airport.

The number of passengers travelling through Dublin, Cork, Shannon and Knock airports in January of this year is 91.3% lower than January 2020.

The total number of passengers handled by those airports in January fell from 2,366,805 to 205,803…

It also said the number of passengers travelling through Dublin airport in January was down by 82,196 – a fall of 29.2% on December.

Car traffic volumes increasing slowly during February – CSO (RTÉ)


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7 thoughts on “The Plane! The Plane!

  1. Micko

    Ha Ha!

    Great title Bodger. Brings me back

    Used to watch ‘Fantasy Island’ along with ‘The Time Tunnel’ in my Grannies on a Sunday ;)

  2. Mental Floss

    You’d see more people at a house party or in a factory. No outraged calls for mandatory quarantine in those cases.

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