The American Market


This morning.

Sinn Féin has taken out adverts in a number of US newspapers calling for the Irish Government to prepare and plan for a united Ireland.

The half-page adverts are appearing in the Washington Post and the New York Times, with full page colour advertisements in the Irish-American newspapers, the Irish Voice and the Irish Echo.

Sinn Féin places adverts in US newspapers calling for united Ireland (RTÉ)

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38 thoughts on “The American Market

  1. Johnny

    …may be related paddy’s day,saying the quiet part out loud this year.
    The FG/FF irish delegation had decided sit at home,America is open back at work.

  2. paul

    RTÉ and their knee-jerk reaction upon seeing the words ‘Sinn Féin’ that they miss that Sinn Féin didn’t actually take out these ads?

      1. Johnny

        It’s a FREE country with free vaccines for anyone looking 60 ish,in New York ok,ok 60 and over.
        FF should explain,in an add they can take out,why they and the country is sitting at home,instead mucking it up with uncle joe.

        1. paul

          I definitely missed it this time but the occasional bashing Sinn Féin get from RTÉ is definitely real.

          There’s no victim really, but there is usually something resembling an agenda.

  3. Rob_G

    I bet all the other Irish political parties wish that they had wealthy foreign corporate interests to take out half=page ads on their behalf in WaPo and the NYT (thus neatly bypassing political funding rules).

    1. Johnny

      What is the American Ireland fund-a front for FF/FG or just another charity.

      ‘The Ireland Funds hosted its 28th Annual National Gala at The National Building Museum in Washington, D.C. An Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar, TD Prime Minister of Ireland addressed the 600+ guests attending The Ireland Funds’ event as part of his St. Patrick’s Day visit to the U.S.‘

      …or you can support this.

      -Located only yards from where Connolly lived on the Falls Road, Áras Uí Chonghaile is a modern, inspirational, visitor centre epitomising the character and fabric of the Falls Road. It is a place of welcome for people with all politics and of none.-

      1. Rob_G

        “What is the American Ireland fund-a front for FF/FG or just another charity.”
        – the latter, as well you know

        Visitor centres, the odd kilo of semtex – there is no limit to the SF’s American benefactors’ generosity.

        1. Johnny

          Oh Rob,it’s 2021 come join us,it’s cyber warfare,AI,coin,not Semtex.
          While the enemy is busy destroying itself……
          SF knows it’s attraction that will unite Ireland,so it’s going about trying to make it a better place.

          Why is everyone sitting at home Rob?

        2. yupyup

          Poor Rob is still smarting from Varadkar having to sit through that “Gerry Adams Day” toast by de Blasio.

    1. theo kretschmar schuldorff

      Its an investment.
      The yanks will fork out and fill the coffers of Sinn Fein, which is what this is really about.

      1. Johnny

        Gosh irish people in America with shared values many blue collar,union guys,gave a room and a start to many,you need money for a funeral call,getting together around the holidays for dinner and really,really bad music.

        What’s FG or FF done,oh yeah the 1,000 a plate min irish American fund lunches/dinners/golf outings/casino nights…with finna fail minister and FG, if you pay 10,000 a quick word,100.000 whatever you like…..

          1. Johnny

            …he was paying homage to the unions,run by the irish,the most powerful force in New York,even then.

          2. theo kretschmar schuldorff

            And while he was paying homage, everyone else was paying SF top dollar to get into ye’r Galway tent.
            The current rate on the annual SF gala din dins at the Manhattan Sheraton: $500.
            How much to sit with veteran and be regaled with tales of their daring-do?
            How much to speak to the boss?

          3. Johnny

            You’d have buy ten tables if you were ‘new’ but they would avoid ‘new’ flashy people,the American Ireland fund get you a ambassador’s gig….

            Why would a high priced gunslinging lawyer be interested,no poets or artists or Kennedy’s interested,only a yank lawyer from a top corporate firm….

            ‘Cooney, who is active in the American Ireland Fund, confirmed his interest in the Dublin ambassadorship to and noted he had great pride in his Irish heritage and was a frequent visitor to Ireland.‘


          4. theo kretschmar schuldorff

            Completely ignores my point about your own SF Golden circle.
            .. But if you must, the answer lies in your own posted article.
            John Cooney (who you’ve brought up) has been raising money for Joe Biden’s presidential runs since 1988. I expect 32 years of that kind of support counts for something.

          5. Johnny

            ….oh so he’s also a lobbyist.
            Do irish union leaders try direct work towards each other,yes,lobby the govt or buy distressed assets from NAMA,no.

        1. Rob_G

          Poor Johnny always forgets which character he is supposed to be: the humble Irish republican, friend of the working man, trying to make a go of it in the ‘Shtates, or the big swinging-Richard weed bro entrepreneur who plays blackjack with Chinese millionaires, and who doesn’t give a poo if old people die from covid because he has quarters to sell.

          1. Johnny

            I was here first on J1-grandfather actually suggested I join as laborer for summer the union,he arranged it,I was playing bit of rugby, so actually loved the physical work and the team.

            We build state art indoor growing facilities using labor funds and labor workers,help run a small training academy,for the next be generation of union workers for the cannabis industry.
            Trying help recognize union qualifications for growing,grades and salary,or I could work for a yank fund parley my irish connects…

            I still like to gamble,yes actually one my favorite pastimes.

          2. Johnny

            He’s hated been locked up like a filthy animal,misses dreadfully,I think he’s depressed,the pub,his mates the bookies,in his twilight years,where the brits failed this irish govt successfully locked him up,yeah Rob:)

  4. Col

    I think we need at least five or ten years of figuring out how a union would work BEFORE we set a date.
    Will the North maintain Stormont as a devolved legislature? Will the Dáil & Seanad be expanded? Will the school curriculum change?
    What will happen to the NHS?
    Corporate tax rates?
    Let’s face it, even changing speed limit signs will be divisive!!

    I honestly think a United Ireland would be a good thing, but only once all of these issues and many more are ironed out. We all know what happens when things are done the other way around?

    1. Johnny

      ….NI wants a race to the bottom on tax,w/o UK don’t be do sure Irl can shut down or ignore,harmonization.

    2. Charger Salmons

      5-10 years ?
      You’ve already had 100 years to think about it.
      Crack on with it now and we can look forward to the cloth-capped culchies of Eire linking arms with the bowler-hatted Orange Prods parading down O’Connell street as one big happy family.
      It’ll be like Gay Pride but with even more colourful costumes.

      1. goldenbrown


        and why exactly should we take on your dead monarchy’s failed plantation project??

        you can keep it and all the debt, hatred and sectarianism it entails, ’tis all yours, jog on

    3. bisted

      …I think you are spot on Col…but I would put the timeline closer to 30 years…a Hong Kong style deal would be a win:win for everyone…

    4. Cian


      The Brexit campaign was 100% “smoke and mirrors” – just vote yes, it can mean whatever you want it to mean. And then the reality hit as they tried to get a deal, and the current mess that exists there.

      If there is to be a vote on a United Ireland, it should be based on an explicit understanding of what would actually happen.

  5. scottser

    a referendum on irish unity is the logical outcome of brexit. it would indeed be remiss of any government not to prepare for it – if not we’re likely to see a sinn fein government next time around.
    there will be free ear plugs given out to protect against the shrieks and hysterics from the fail gaelers when it happens.

  6. Johnny

    Irish America is not just fat plastic paddys from the Midwest,Terry is a great union leader and big suppprter Ireland,many union leaders parents are irish,came over with nothing built lives,they have no time for the American Ireland fund.

    Sinn Fein allows people like me who run union jobs,to network and meet union leaders in other fields.

    I don’t want meet another banker or a lawyer or a lobyist,but thanks FF and FG,nor do I need access.

    ‘Terry O’Sullivan, general president of the Laborers’ International Union of North America, was also at the White House session.

    “He’s comfortable talking about bread and butter issues, issues that affect the working class,” he said of Biden, adding: “He’s not bashful. He’ll tell you what he’s thinking.”

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