The Clot Thickens


This afternoon.

It’ll be grand.


Thailand has  became the first Asian country to halt the use of the jab over safety concerns, shortly after Denmark announced a two-week pause to its nationwide rollout after reports of blood clots and one death.

In a setback to Europe’s ailing vaccination campaign, seven other countries have also suspended the use of the Oxford-AstraZeneca shot: Norway, Iceland, Bulgaria, Luxembourg, Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia.

Austria and Italy, meanwhile, have said that they will stop using certain batches of the vaccine as a precautionary measure.

Many other nations, however, have defended their use of the shot and said they will continue their respective inoculation campaigns…

More countries suspend AstraZeneca vaccinations over blood clot fears: What we know so far (CNBC)


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17 thoughts on “The Clot Thickens

  1. gallantman

    Don’t worry apparently it’s just a ‘bad batch’…. a phrase more normally associated with drugs manufactured in a shed outside Rotterdam.

      1. bisted

        …there is growing evidence that vaccines save lives…but as far as these ten latest deaths are concerned, maybe you should ask friends and families of the deceased…

    1. f_lawless

      “nobody in Ireland has died after taking a covid vaccine”

      There’s a strong correlation between the dramatic rise in nursing home deaths and the roll out of the vaccine. Until a thorough and open investigation is carried out, a question will remain as to whether there’s a causal link between the two.

      On 17/02/21 RTE news reported that a quarter of all Covid-related deaths to date had occurred in the previous three weeks (1000 out of 4000) and most of those in nursing homes. It’s not good enough for the HSE to immediately pass this off as being down to a new strain that arrived – coincidentally at the exact same time as vaccine roll out – so no need for any proper investigation, time to move on. The UK also has seen a similar correlation between initial vaccine roll out and a a notable rise in Covid-related deaths. UK health authorities have reflexively responded with “nothing to see here” too.

      With Irish investigative journalism in a moribund state, it’s left to the likes of advocacy group, Health Freedom Ireland, to try to raise public awareness of these issues. Here’s their open letter to the Irish government calling for a suspension of Ireland’s vaccination program as a precautionary measure until a full investigation is carried out and explanation given.

        1. bisted

          …you seem to be a great man for correlations and regressions and the like…so here’s some simple, depressingly predictable mathematical relationships for you…once case count of covid goes above 1000 per day then fortress nursing home starts to be breached…the number of new cases per day reached 6500 before the only proven solution curbed the growth…approx 10percent of new cases need hospitalisation…10percent of those go on to ICU…10percent of those die…vaccination isn’t changing the model but it is changing the demographic profile…

          1. Daisy Chainsaw

            The same ones organising anti mask rallies with the yellow vests and the religious nutjobs.

  2. Daisy Chainsaw

    How does that statistic compare with deaths from/with/near Covid? If it’s only a miniscule percentage then why care about the people who may have died from the vaccine when you don’t care about the people who die from the disease?

    1. Micko

      Interesting point. Could it be a culpability issue?

      If the virus kills someone – no one is at fault, it’s an act of nature.

      If the vaccine kills someone – surely the manufacturers are at fault?

      So thousands die through a naturally occurring virus and 10 die from medical negligence.

      Either way, seems like a very small risk.

  3. eoin

    Not taking any rushed vaccine from the same industry that brought us oxycontin. Sorry. I’ll take my chances with the flu.

  4. Chris

    I am anti-vaccine as well, but only when it comes to broadsheet, as I don’t actually think you are worth saving anymore.

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