What You’ll Be Wearing Next Season


This morning.

Model Maria Traynor sports garments from Arnotts Spring Summer 2021 womenswear contemporary and classic collections.

The department store welcomes nine new brands including Theory, MUNTHE, See By Chloé, Seven Jeans, Sweaty Betty, Colourful Standard, Weekend Max Mara, Oska and Sarah Pacini.

Among the ‘key trends’ for the season are ‘Floral Explosion’, ‘Feminine Feel’, and, our personal favourite, ‘Relaxed Tailoring’.


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24 thoughts on “What You’ll Be Wearing Next Season

    1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

      God I used to want to clatter feckers telling me to smile :) Less vodka in your next free pour !

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Ah Janet. I doubt you are the surly type. Hey – where can I get free pours of vokda?

        I know the thinking is that smiling detracts from the clothes as regards modelling. I’d think otherwise. I mean, you don’t have the models that are employed advertising cars for instance using a surly approach? A smile usually, and it doesn’t detract from the cars.

        1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

          I do have a sore gob from smiling, I throw in the odd wink too

    2. Bitnboxy

      ROFL @GiggidyPox!

      Physician heal thy perma-angry self.

      +100000 to Janet calling out the “shur, you look so lovely when you smile” nonsense.

      1. Johnny

        …it’s the sentiment,perhaps poor choice of words upon reflection,reminds me of a high end drug rehab reception area,dead flowers and no smiles,have a good one GG and congrats J.

  1. Johnny

    …what no masks then.
    Anyone states can have a vac,no questions asked by may 1 so book a flight if you want one.
    And hire Harry from round here, that’s awful,so cheap and most definitely not cheerful.it’s spring go outside.

    1. Lush

      You read my mind J.
      Like the frock in the first pic, but those sandals are just rank/infect/mouldy/godawful*

      *choose your adjective

      1. millie bobby brownie

        +1 Lushie and Jan

        Why ruin a perfectly nice collection with the kind of footwear which so obviously embodies the feeling of having given up

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