9 thoughts on “Scientific Proof

  1. Pat

    This is indeed a valuable update to that previous post. Thanks Chompsky. Nice to know that broadsheet isn’t in total thrall to Bodger!

  2. Daisy Chainsaw


    Take that, some youtuber or “citizen” epidemiologist, cos tHeY dOnE tHe ReSeArCh!!1!!eleventy!!

  3. eoin

    Sorry Pat…that’s not how it works. Scientific proof only lasts until new data emerges disproving the science. Hence scientific ‘theory’. For example ‘this oxycontin drug is completely safe for the mass market’…….post accumulation of data…’this drug is highly addictive and not fit for the mass market’.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      G’wan, tell us again how nurses don’t know which vaccine they’re giving you and you’re not allowed to ask either!

  4. K.Cavan

    It’s funny how those who claim that the science is, somehow, on “their” side have gleaned their knowledge of science from the Legacy Media & are therefore the least well-informed people you’ll encounter. A little knowledge may be a dangerous thing but total & complete ignorance is clearly utter bliss, with a side order of smugness.

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