Target Market [Updated]


This evening.



This afternoon.


Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly

This morning.

RTÉ Radio One’s Morning Ireland.

Speaking on RTÉ’s Morning Ireland, the minister said that new information emerged about four cases in Norway late on Saturday evening.

The National Immunisation Advisory Committee (NIAC) and the Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA) acted quickly and decisively, he said, and “for what is hopefully a very short period of time”.

He said a combination of healthcare workers and those in Cohort 4 (at high risk due to underlying conditions) will not now get the vaccine this week. Mr Donnelly said he hopes that they can be rescheduled very quickly.


Around 30,000 people face AstraZeneca vaccine deferral (RTÉ)



Last November.

Good times.

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27 thoughts on “Target Market [Updated]

  1. paul

    ‘we didn’t fail, you just tried to hold us to reasonable standards. If anything, you should be blaming yourselves’.

  2. eoin

    Now Italy has banned the AstraZeneca drug. Gotta stop referring to these drugs as ‘vaccines’ seeing as they do not inoculate against anything but rather promise to ease symptoms. If you need to make a decision on whether to take this or not, you got the WHO on one side and the nations that banned it on the other…who can you trust?
    Of course if you got for your ‘vaccine’ the nurses don’t know which vaccine they’re administering and they’re not allowed tell you anyway.

    1. Brother Barnabas

      source for that last claim, eoin… – that those administering vaccine dont know which one they’re giving and cant reveal anyway


    2. Daisy Chainsaw

      the nurses don’t know which vaccine they’re administering and they’re not allowed tell you anyway.

      Where did you pick up that peice of complete and utter untrue bolleaux? People get a record of the vaccine, including the date administered on a card so the second dose can be matched and recorded too.

    3. Kim The Cardassian

      Italy hasn’t “banned” the vaccine. It has put a temporarily halt to its rollout pending the update from the EMA.

      World of difference Eoin. But you know that, and it doesn’t suit your agenda.

      Carry on my wayward son.

        1. millie bobby brownie

          No silly. The Pfizer vaccine is the one with the 5G implant.

          Excellent signal, or so I’m told.

          1. Brother Barnabas

            thought being a misogynistic God-botherer would keep a fellow busy enough without throwing anti-vax into the mix

          2. benblack

            God-botherer is usually a term used by the offspring of parents who are/were Jehovah’s Witnesses, IME.


            As for throwing anti-vax into the mix, I don’t use a fabric softener.

            Credit where credit is due, you did capitalise God.

          3. Brother Barnabas

            as a rule, I always capitalise transcendent beings – whether imaginary or not

            is your one infinite, by the way?

  3. Nigel

    That Cillian Doyle tweet is off, the distinction Donnelly made was between ‘promises’ and ‘estimates, not ‘targets’ and ‘estimates.’ In fact I think he used both. He said that the dates were targets based on expected delivery times, not promises. Now, it’s trivial, and I wish he was the sort who’d have rolled over the word choice to deal with the delays themselves rather than boring our bums off with waffle, but as a distinction it’s defensible.

  4. Dr.Fart

    how many people have been vaccinated three months in? 180k. This is going to take a very long time. I can see people going up North to get vaccinated once theyre done with their population. Just like how people go there for medical treatment that’s too expensive here. And RTE carry on as if the north is some backward hellscape that we in the republic are above. Reunification. Who says they’d even want it? The whole island would be better off under British control. I’m no fan of Britain I can tell you, but that’s how awful our lot are. FF/FG are just a really shoddy wish dot com version of British political parties.

  5. f_lawless

    All eyes now on the European Medicines Agency. But in the current pressurised atmosphere, with multi-million dollar deals and political reputations at stake, it seems extremely likely that they’ll give AstraZeneca the all clear. In years prior the organisation has been marred in controversy, accused of a lack of transparency and having “a revolving door with Big Pharma”.

    From what I read, .in 2014 the head of the EMA was ousted before finishing his term and the organisation was meant to have undergone root and branch reform. However, recent leaked EMA documents indicate that there’s still a problem with transparency and undue influence of the pharmaceutical industry.

    From the British Medical Journal last month:

    “The EMA ..declared in 2015 that there is no link between HPV vaccines and serious neurological adverse events. However, the certainty conveyed in EMA’s official report is undermined by a leaked, confidential document that reveals important disagreements among the experts. Furthermore, in its assessments, EMA relied on the data the drug companies had provided to them even though it had been demonstrated that the companies had underreported possible neurological harms.”

    1. f_lawless

      The BMJ also reports that according to the same set of leaked documents, the EMA privately had “major concerns” about the difference in quality between clinical batches of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine and some early ommercial batches.

      ‘..Ultimately, on 21 December, EMA authorised Pfizer-BioNTech’s vaccine and a report published on its website, noted, “the quality of this medicinal product, submitted in the emergency context of the current (covid-19) pandemic, is considered to be sufficiently consistent and acceptable.”

      However, it’s unclear how the agency’s concerns were satisfied’ subsequent correspondence (initiated by the BMJ), the EMA..stated that specific information related to the acceptability criteria is confidential.’

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