Fancy a 10-minute spin in an old VHS?

When the jam jar was king?

Paulus writes:

This is 30 years old and was shot on a Saturday afternoon in Dublin city in late March 1991.

There have been less changes in some areas than I expected; the most noticeable being Parnell Street near today’s ILAC Centre.

Name those jammers, anyone?

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17 thoughts on “Tiger Ahead

  1. Liam Deliverance

    Very nice, thanks for sharing – CIE Buses in green are nice and it appears back then people actually used their indicators, well many of them did.

  2. TypeONegative

    Me oul da had a red Carina II Liftback with the little spoiler like that one in the screengrab. A forgotten vaguely sporty-looking Toyota for men who would probably have preferred a Celica or MR2 but needed to transport kids.

  3. JEH

    Wild ride.

    I counted only 2 bicycles in the entire video. Crazy.

    Looks like jaywalking has been part of Dublin since the vikings.

  4. D-troll

    love the background music in it.

    amazing how fast you could get through dublin city compared to now.

    so many parked cars. cineworld on parnells street was a massive car park.much nice walking around nassau street, and beside stephens green with traffic restrictions.

  5. benblack

    For all you petrolheads:

    You may be interested in this excellent Netflix docu-series – if you haven’t seen it already – Formula 1: Drive to Survive.

    Three seasons of Man-Spreading entertainment.

    But, it’s much more than that.

    I would recommend to all – even cyclists.

  6. Lilly

    Thanks Paulus, I enjoyed that. The cars were so boxy back then. Nice to be reminded of the ole Kylemore bakery opposite Trinners and Judge Roy Beans a few doors up. Nachos Grandes to die for.

  7. Jibjob

    That was very interesting but, to me, sad. Seeing the middle of Dublin whilst I am in lockdown in England. I was last in Ireland in December 2019 and miss it so much.

  8. Praetorian

    Great watch…great memories…can’t get over the on street parking on Kildare St,Dawson St & the Green…really where differant times.
    Good times.

  9. H

    Thanks for sharing, it’s lovely to see Dublin as it was around the time I left it. I can’t believe the mess the Corpo have made of the place now :-(

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