A Limerick A Day


An influencer has claimed that the ‘mirror selfie’ is a form of visual trickery

A photo containing reflection
Is a good way to build a connection
With viewers. Your brand
Can grow this way and
It can also be done with deception

John Moynes

Via TikTok

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9 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. paul

    you mean… people who rely solely on exploiting their image and their audience for business purposes occasionally don’t tell the truth? That’s my Tuesday ruined.

  2. Junkface

    Is the duck face trend still going? I found that bizarre to be honest. Another bizarre behaviour I noticed is old men / middle aged men pouting like morons. Trump was the first, but I’ve seen more men do it, mainly on US TV. It’s hilarious, they look so so dumb.

    1. Hector Rameriz

      It’s Daniel Craig I feel sorry for, people are stealing his resting face to duckface

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