This afternoon.

Barbara Smyth tweetz:

OK, just so I’m not crazy here. Would someone type NPHET into their browser and do they get the same result as me.



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14 thoughts on “NFFET

  1. Liam Knuj

    My search engine didn’t show this, but if you go to it leads to the FF web site

    1. Not Himselfe

      now pointing to Irish Times website. methinks someone is extracting the urine. Or leading us all on a Da Vinci Code style adventure, leaving is clues as to “what’s really going on”.

  2. Bruncvik

    Getting the same in Chrome, Brave and Vivaldi browsers. It’s a simple redirect to The second time you type the URL into the address bar, it auto-completes with the “Join Fianna Fail” page title.

  3. paul

    looking into the domain, all the registrar details are ‘redacted for privacy’. Someone having fun?

  4. george currently displays the opening credits of the Twilight Zone. Some smart arse registered the domain.

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