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Three Underneath – You’ve Been Had

Hands up, nobody moves, nobody gets hurt.

The brilliant new video by Dublin guitar devotees Three Underneath sees the band hold up a bank… but it’s a cinematic thrill ride with a neat twist.

Singer Daragh Murray writes:

“I was writing the lyrics about the music industry. The mental toll of being constantly rejected. But sure, sometimes I read through the lyrics and think they could apply to all sorts of situations. It’s a song of desperation – of being at the end of your rope.”

The song can be found on their eponymous album.

Nick says: Take it to the bank.

Three Underneath

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One thought on “You May Like This

  1. Micko

    Really like this.

    Some good ol rock ceol

    I also like the way they side stepped some of the rock clichés. Kept me engaged.

    Good stuff!

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