At ease.

This afternoon.

Baggott Street, Dublin 2.

Brigadier General Brendan McGuinness, Commander of the Defence Forces COVID-19 Joint Taskforce, and Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly at the technical briefing on Mandatory Hotel Quarantine in the Department of Health this afternoon.

The Defence Forces will be responsible for overseeing the mandatory detention of hot spot visitors in hotels at Dublin Airport.

Soldiers will be armed to the teeth and many are trained in close, hand-to-hand combat and giving ‘Chinese burns’.

Should anyone be thinking of making a run for it.

Or planning an escape committee to tunnel out.

Earlier: The Defence Forces Will Oversee The Project

 Sasko Lazarov/RollingNews

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13 thoughts on “Deten-shun

  1. johnny

    (what are all joshing aside,are their clear rules of engagement,can they make ‘arrests’ and detain irish citizens)

    where the fook is the justice minister in all this, quite frankly its mission creep,banana republic stuff,hi welcome Eire,the army will now escort you…

    1. Hank

      I’d say he was up half the night trying to choose between a camouflage facemask or just plain black.

  2. Redundant Proofreaders Society

    ‘Mandatory detention’, as opposed to ‘necessary quarantine’.

    Get them, and their big guns.

    They will regret this particular wording.

  3. Micko

    Hang on.

    As someone else pointed out yesterday, there are very few direct flights from the 33 red zone countries into Ireland.

    So that means that they have to fly into a different (probably European) country and get a connecting flight to Ireland.

    Presumably that connecting flight won’t be from a country listed in the 33 red zone countries.

    What about the other hundreds of passengers that have spend 1-2 hours on the plane and the departure lounge with the possibly infected person from the red zone? Do they not have to quarantine as well? Are they not close contacts now?

    1. Hank

      Shhhh, they don’t want you to think that hard! Also, if they have come from a red zone country via a connecting flight, it would be up to them to declare that their journey originated in a red zone country. If they choose not to, they can just enter the country with no hotel quarantine requirement.
      So, it’s basically a complete joke of a system.

  4. Clampers Outside

    If you are one of these persons flying into Ireland and have paid your 12 nights hotel fee… €2,500 for 2.
    There is no refund for those who test negative on the pre and post flight tests… And they’ll be allowed leave after 5 days.

    Handy money for Tifco…. init!

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