‘The Defence Forces Will Oversee The Project’


This morning.

Government Buildings, Dublin 2

Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly has announced that Mandatory hotel quarantine in Ireland will come into effect this Friday.


The cost for an incoming passenger coming from one of 33 designated states is €1,875 for 12 nights.

The rules will also apply to any passenger who arrives into the State without the required negative PCR test for Covid-19.

The day rate for those passengers will be €150.

The service provider – Tifco Hotel Group – will provide full board accommodation, along with transportation, security, health and well-being services.

The first facility that will be available to receive arriving passengers is the Crowne Plaza Dublin Airport Hotel in Santry (top).

However, the Tifco Hotel Group has committed to making as many rooms available as required.

The Department of Health said that when it comes to transportation, the Defence Forces will oversee the process, but members will escort the bus rather than drive it.

Mandatory hotel quarantine comes into effect on Friday (RTÉ)



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25 thoughts on “‘The Defence Forces Will Oversee The Project’

    1. ce

      Drunk Sat-Nav is the way to go

      In fairness, we had a sort of plan and we stopped using it, Leitrim should be having the craic right now.

      You can – as Portugal has – easily make a nice website with dates on it, it could all be torn up in a few days, but I hope it works for them.

      I’d also suggest that it should be case/risk-group based rather than dates… but we don’t seem to have detail info quickly available on cases

      1. Micko

        Totally, Portugal’s plan could all go tits up, but the sheer hope it inspires is fantastic.

        I was actually delighted for them reading it.

        To have a plan to work towards. I think that’s a huge difference between the first lockdown in Ireland and where we are now

        First time around we had a something to work towards, a plan we could follow that would lead to a reopening of society.

        Now, it just feels like limbo.

        1. ce

          Agreed a plan would be something… but then we’d spend days rubbishing the plan, pointing out the inconsistencies, and arguing about the order of vaccination…etc…

          As for limbo … if only it was the good kind of “I’m on holidays doing the limbo”… if only I could put my back out the way we used to…

  1. eoin

    Getting us used to the word ‘mandatory’. Same crap in the UK. Care home workers now must get vaccinated. Next will be NHS workers then cops, then the army and then everyone else. I really hope Dr Geert Vander Bossche is wrong about vaccines. If he’s right, the vaccinated can look forward to permanent quarantine once they start developing drug resistant strains of covid next flu season and become a danger to all others.

  2. TypeONegative

    Honestly officers are used to mountains of paperwork so this is a reasonable use of idle manpower. The motley crew of Gemma et al waving their Republic flags (and bizarrely in some protest photos I’ve seen Gadsden and US flags) will spin this as armed soldiers on the frontlines trucking people into detention centres, they’re just senior staff doing the admin between the hotels and the security firm.

  3. GiggidyGoo

    The last sentence from Donnelly – ‘It’s important to be honest about that’. Laugh a minute.

  4. Murtles

    So if someone comes off a plane from one of these countries and has a piece of paper in their hand saying their test was negative for Covid, that’s just taken as fact? No rapid tests on arrival here like other EU airports? Because no one would forge a negative test result to get out of paying €1,200 and be stuck in a hotel for 12 days.

  5. baz

    why is the guy who failed with the roll out of the vaccines rolling out the tardy quarantine fecal fest?

    fail guy = fall guy?

    1. Micko

      A few weeks ago when Donnelly was on Claire Byrne she asked him why is he looking after “so many areas”. Vaccine, quarantine, track and trace etc

      He seemed to think it was a compliment.

      It wasn’t…

  6. f_lawless

    (a) it’s misguided to believe we can control the spread of new variants through quarantining and (b) ridiculous to be implementing these new measures at this late stage. I’d say the real reason it’s happening now is because of top-down political pressure. End game: justification for vaccine passports

    According to Dr Gerry Quinn, a member of the independent scientific advisory group HART:

    https://www.hartgroup.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/210322-Updated-HART-review.pdf (section 6)

    “(we) believe that closing international borders will not stop new mutations of the SARS-CoV-2 virus circulating in the UK population. It is a futile endeavour with no scientific basis.

    Mutant variants, emerging overseas or domestically, are an inevitable biological reality once a virus is in the population

    ..There has to date been no robust scientific evidence provided that any variant so far identified is more transmissible or deadly than the original.​..

    ..Closing international borders to keep out ‘foreign mutants’ of an already endemic virus is neither useful nor possible.Mutant variants from abroad pose no extra threat to the citizens compared with homegrown variants and may even be identical in their sequences. In addition,once a virus is established in a population,as is the case in the UK, it will mutate slowly over time,irrespective of borders.That particular horse has already bolted and is a biological reality we must all learn to live with…

    ..It is a fallacy to assume that because the genome of a virus has been sequenced for the first time in a particular country, it must have originated in that country..Correlation does not equal causation.On the contrary, successful mutations with regard to natural selection will crop up everywhere.It is called convergent evolution.This is one reason the so-called ‘UK variant’ has already been found in over 46 countries..”

    1. Joe

      Vaccine Passports? Excellent and Bravo all around!
      99.99% will only get on an aircraft if all are vaccinated rather than share the fetid air from a idiot non vaccinated pestilent and breathe in their vile effluvia.
      Vaccine passports will be required for all flights and travel in the near future
      The Gemma knuckle dragging brigade will soon be brought into the fold and they will queue to get their vaccines when they want to go on their cheap ryanair flights to some booze filled Costa Del Bray holiday.
      I am sure ryanair with a broad wink from Mr O’Leary will be happy to sell them some nice tin foil hats for an extra €10 to save them from the chemtrails and 5G waves in the sky and of course the knuckle draggers will be happy to buy.
      Win Win all around :)

    2. Cian

      Tell that to New Zealand and Australia. They are doing quite well with their closed border approach.

  7. Bruncvik

    I checked the booking website for the quarantine hotels. It lets people to only pick a country that’s on the quarantine list. So, how do people from safe countries, who don’t have a valid PCR test, book their stay?

  8. johnny

    Donnelly has a deep grove,a go to place,a play he re-runs,his safe space,its like Mckinsey puked on everything,there is no nuance,no skills,no leadership,he’s just not up for the job or the challenge.

    ProPublica-series,if you haven’t already dip in.
    …For the world’s best-known corporate-management consultants, helping tackle the pandemic has been a bonanza. It’s not clear what the government has gotten in return…

  9. Clampers Outside

    A friend has family coming home for good from Australia after 14 years.

    They were told that if their pre flight and post flight tests are negative, they’ll likely be let leave the hotel after five days.


    They will NOT get any of the €2,500 (which is paid up front) refunded.

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