Green Rebellion


This morning.

Kildare Street, Dublin 2

Dublin Lord Mayor Hazel Chu passing an Extinction Rebellion protest outside Leinster House.

Mayor Chu is the Chair of the Green Party, but has announced she wants to run in the Seanad by-elections next month as an independent candidate.

She said:

“Though I am a Green member, I understand I am not endorsed by the party since the executive made the decision not to hold a selection convention. I also understand there is no pact in place with any other parties as confirmed by the leader at the last executive meeting. I am not looking for any support from the party since this was a personal choice to ensure that there is proper representation,”

“In the current climate, it is important to have women and minorities represented at this election. This choice, as I said, is a personal one, as is my candidacy. After spending the year speaking to children from all backgrounds that anyone can run for election I felt that it was essential I follow what I preach.

Hazel Chu to run as independent candidate in Seanad by-election (Irish Examiner)



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30 thoughts on “Green Rebellion

  1. Broadbag

    Chu realising the Greens aren’t the flavour of the month anymore and jumping ship pronto, can’t blame her but it’s a bit brazen.

  2. Joe

    I thought Ms. Chu was a genuine Green…Actually she is a genuine Green with zero scruples in deserting the Greenwash party and behaving as a careerist.

    Good luck to her it should assist in the Greenwash party decline

  3. Micko

    Fair play to Hazel

    She got all the way to the second paragraph there without mentioning gender or ethnicity.

    A massive improvement. Bravo Hazel Bravo!

  4. ce

    It’s a bit Mary Robinson – get the “better” job before you’ve finished the current job… although I would say in this instance she’d have a higher profile as Lord Mayor of Dublin than the Seanad

    Anyway, I’m off to burn down a bog for the day…

      1. V aka Frilly Keane

        That’s a bit too cynical for me Bert

        but I do have to air my disappointment that the Lord Mayor has decided to leave representative politics after less than two years as a local Councillor

        And like everything I have had to say about Mary Robinson leaving her gig ahead of time
        equally applies to Hazel Chu, maybe even more as her constituents will have to accept a co-opt for her seat now (if she’s successful of course)
        and that’s not the local rep they voted for
        At least with the Áras the opportunity to elect a new incumbent was put to the voter

        If there was a snap general election I could understand – going from local rep up to National
        But to the Senate – as an independent

        dunno, I think all that might back fire tbh

        1. Clampers Outside

          +1 V

          Seanad elections are very very crowded for the independents. Of all the election races to enter, the Seanad could be the Grand National for indies…. with many barely getting off to a start at all.

          1. V aka Frilly Keane

            Not necessarily
            but you do need a platform
            or an recognisable established background in activism
            And Nationally – local meals and wheels, tidy towns doesn’t cut it.

            Which I don’t see here with the Lord Mayor
            and the Greens don’t have enough Councillors nor are there enough Indos in the Seanad Voters Register to get her over the line

            If she’s canvasing just on a platform of diversity etc – she’ll fall flat on her face

            My pal, one of the sharpest political minds I’ve ever known, swears its the worst election to throw yourself into

            I don’t know who is advising her, but Hazel Chu should hold still until a General
            If Eamon Ryan retires – DBS is all hers – even if he doesn’t, she has a great career ahead of her there in DBS

  5. Nigel

    A female politician having ambitions plans for her future career doesn’t seem quite worth the opprobrium.

  6. AssPants

    Who mentioned anything anybody’s sexuality; look at Nigel up there running around looking for posts to offend himself with.

    Good job Nigel, be sure to seek out anything that could be deemed independent thinking and shake your fist hard at the screen.

    1. Nigel

      I am NFTing your comment with the blockchain as an example of independent thought and selling it for a million bitcoins.

    2. NobleLocks

      What’s offensive to Nige today then? The cry-bully finger shifts so quickly on his offence-ometer that I can’t keep up!

    1. Bodger

      millie, we were told some details about the circumstances behind the sale and felt it would be compassionate to remove the post.

      1. johnny

        (net it was break even at best,a most delightful property,so a willing seller then bodger:)
        grand so.

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