The Middle Finger


This afternoon.

An Bord Pleanála has granted planning permission for what will be the country’s tallest building.


The green light for the €140 million development at Custom House Quay in Cork City centre was given today subject to 23 conditions.

The Board’s decision follows an appeal by a number of parties including the Irish Georgian Society to the go-ahead given to the project by Cork City Council last October.

The planned development by New York-based Tower Holdings on the former Port of Cork site with its iconic Port of Cork sign, includes a 34-storey hotel tower, 25 serviced suites, and a range of commercial uses including retail, office, food and beverage, distillery, tourism and leisure….


Planning permission granted for Ireland’s tallest building in Cork (RTÉ)

Pic: Pederson Focus



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26 thoughts on “The Middle Finger

  1. D-troll

    im never reminded of paris or venice when i am in cork city.

    cork will finally have one up on Dublin on something.

    1. scottser

      yeah, but will they think up a catchy slogan for it?
      the’ cock in the dock’ maybe, or ‘the irrelevance in the poohole’?

  2. Clampers Outside

    They re not opposed to the tower, just its location in an area that could have a better development that maximises the historical buildings….


    Fair enough.

    Go Cork.

      1. Junkface

        They’ll be selling Gondolas in Cork now. Have yourself a socially distanced Cornetto ye langer. Ha ha

  3. goldenbrown

    ooooh! controversial, major ructions!! delighted, take that An Taisce!

    and its a v.good headline Bodger! ‘cos that’s exactly what the devt looks like on first glance…however at the end of the day it’s a derelict oul dockland, hardly the hanging gardens of babylon, the comparisons with paris or venice? gimme a break, over baked notions and guff extraordinaire for the chattering classes

    (I always get to have a lil smile to myself when AT take one straight in the boo-boos, lol, more decisions like this please ABP)

  4. johnny

    ….i just leave this here for now,Kevin O’Sullivan is still President & CEO at Tower.

    “Donal O’Sullivan and his sister Helen O’Sullivan, the company’s treasurer, were arrested Thursday for allegedly scheming to avoid making payments to union benefit funds between 2011 and 2017, according to an indictment filed in Brooklyn federal court.”

    “That very month, Navillus and other companies owned and run by O’Sullivan’s brother Kevin O’Sullivan and former Navillus employees were fending off lawsuits from five of 18 union locals with which Navillus had collective bargaining agreements.”

    1. Ronan

      I never get this.

      If demand, finance, land prices and build costs/standards made residential building profitable, there’d be loads of it going on.

      There’s planning in place for c. 300 apartments in HQ Cork, 118 in Railway Gardens and 201 on the sextant site. That’s 620 odd ready to go if someone thinks it’s viable business.

      If they’re not building them, then either it’s not viable at current yields, or spec is too high.

      It’s for government, not the private market, to drive policy with zoning etc to meet the demand. Hopefully the docklands investment will make brownfield sites in the docklands viable for residential.

      1. Geraldo

        Developers are waiting for the government help to buy scheme to push up prices, which it will.

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