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  1. Formerly known as @ireland.com

    Good to see the Tories focussing on the big issues like flying the butcher’s apron every day.

    1. Charger Salmons

      Well it’s either that or we can talk about the footy.
      Nine games without a win.

          1. Charlie

            Who’s celebrating? At least we’re first to admit we’re crap. We’re about as poor as England are at present in the rugger.

  2. GiggidyGoo

    So, Simon Harris maintained that he hadn’t a copy of the confidential document, and had been asking for one.
    Under the FOI though – Varadkar had written in his email request for a copy, that he had received a copy from SH but had put it into the recycling.

    a) Harris is lying about not having received a copy at that time, or
    b) Varadkar was trying to cover up future lies (in case he was caught) by mentioning SH in his email.

    There was a sense of urgency in varadkar wanting a copy waiting for him at Baldonnel. Mattie must have been pressurizing.

    1. goldenbrown

      I’d curb my expectations if I were you

      Varadker might be untenable but he’s also “too big to fail”….I just can’t see him ever being prosecuted by one of his own

      next moves…well he’s not box office enough to be out on the lecture circuit with likes of Bertie or Blair so reckon he’s just waiting on an EU rescue gravy boat to arrive

      1. GiggidyGoo

        I’ll live in hope until that happens.

        It’s actually a very important situation for this State – there are indications that he did break the law, and that he didn’t adhere the official secrets act. Depending on the outcome, the future of law and order, from the top down, lies in the balance at the moment.

        A person who joins the Civil Service at the low grades is required to sign the official secrets act – at least that was the way in my day, and in doing so had to indicate what signing such a document meant. Varadkar also knows what signing it meant.

  3. NobleLocks

    Great to see Aimee Challenor fired from his job in Reddit after a massive online protest against him. Another great example of how things can go horribly wrong when “inclusion” and “equality” are used as shields by deeply disturbed, malefactors to hide in plain sight.

    Reddit have said that they didn’t vet him properly and are going to make sure this kind of thing doesn’t happen again. Delighted to see another victory for the common sense adults over the factophobic.

    When you add this to the UK Office of National statistics loss in their high court and now they have to re-write the utter nonsense of having “gender” on the UK census form it’s been a pretty good few weeks for Reality. The many, many groups against the denial of facts are working hard to ensure that the same mistakes don’t happen in the next Irish census too.

    Shame on the Irish newspapers for failing in the journalistic duty to cover this story.

      1. NobleLocks

        In what way? In the way that he was 100% correct about Challenor and his appalling family from the outset? Or in the way that he correctly calls out instituionally captured organizations like “the guardian” for example, for harbouring factphobic activists masquerading as journalists?

        Or perhaps you have your own example?

        1. Lilly

          In being attacked and vilified, losing his family and his livelihood etc. And becoming more than a little obsessed and demented. In that way.

          1. NobleLocks

            Ahh that’s just propaganda by hate driven people who are idelogocially opposed to real truth over individual wants.

            Just remember one thing, when they say we’re “not allowed talk about that”. “That” is the one thing we must talk about the most.

            If you have the time watch an episode of “The Mess we’re in” on YouTube and if you’re still happy to say Graham Linehan, whose primary objective is the protection of women and girls is “obsessed and demented”, then fair enough and you and I can disagree amicably.

    1. Nigel

      Ah, i see, it’s not about a person who has done dodgy things, it’s about trans people. Of course.

      1. NobleLocks

        How very woke of you :)

        There’s so much to say about this “person” it’s hard to know where to begin. Suffice to say he is a perfect example (as if any more were needed after Yaniv or Barbie) of how horribly wrong things can go when we create a caste of people who cannot be questioned in any way about any thing.

        Here’s a reasonably good link, lots more available on google:

        1. Junkface

          I read a bit about this person and this case on another website. It’s so confusing and dark that it made my head spin. I’m too busy today to fully engage my brain. The jist I got was that the person fired from reddit, was a trans women whose father was charged with raping a 10 year old child in the family home attic. Then this trans person admitted to fantasies somewhere online about sex with children??! They were not vetted properly, or the usual way of safety protocols because they were trans and Reddit were afraid to even bother because they feared a woke online community backlash if they rejected the trans women. Am I way off? Jesus, I need to lie down now.

          1. NobleLocks

            Pretty much the nail on the head Junkface. And there’s soooo much more to come

            Challenors father was found guilty on 20 out of 22 counts for raping and torturing a 10 year old girl he held captive in the family homes attic and was jailed for 20 years. And Aimee employeed his father WHILE he was awaiting trial for his disgusting crimes… astonishingly. I’ve yet to find conclusive evidence of Aimee’s whereabouts during the times these horrific child rapes took place.

            Challenor is married to a man who has openly stated he is a pedophile on multiple posts online… and is still with him. Nice…

            Challenor was also in the running for the 2nd most powerful position in the UK Green party when he was found out and had to run….. straight into the arms of the Liberal party, from whom he had to run too (citing transphobia lol) and then straight into the arms of that loon Elizabeth Warren (who subsequently removed all trace of Challenors involvement from the web). He then ended up in Reddit (supported into a permanent position by other trans activist mods) cancelling everyone he disagreed with and hiding behind his trans privilege while the idiotic mgmt saw fit to defend him instead of slinging him out on his hook .

            You’d think that the the world would have learned from Jimmy Saville wouldn’t ya?

          2. NobleLocks

            Oh yeah and lets not forget Aimee Challenor was also an advisor to Stonewall, the publically funded UK LGBT (or lets face it, it’s all about the T now) “charity”. As a Gay friend of mine said about Stonewall, “Yeah, they were good when they gave a poo about Gay stuff…”

            Protect the perpetrators, attack and vilify the victims… oh yes the new left have learned well from the Catholic church.

          3. Nigel

            ‘hiding behind his trans privilege’

            Toxic gonna toxic, they hide behind whatever they can. Nobody sensible going to backlash at ‘canceling’ a trans person, or any minority person, or any non-minority person, when it’s discovered they’ve done evil or toxic stuff. Having said that, people say the most heinous stuff about trans people online, so the waters get muddy.

          4. Nigel

            ‘Protect the perpetrators, attack and vilify the victims’

            They fired her, didn’t they? Certainly they should have done it sooner, but comparing a matter of weeks to do something about a heavy-handed moderator to the Church cover-ups of child abuse is as stupid as it is obviously malicious.

      2. NobleLocks

        Also, it’s kind of ironic that you should choose to say we’re ok with cancelling people now, when it was Challenor who was responsible for cancelling loads of sub-reddits that were committing the crime of saying sex is real and gender is a load of old rope. One of the sub-reddits he cancelled had over 65 thousand members…

        Just imagine that, one trans person doesn’t like something therefore 65 thousand people cannot talk about it and they had zero recourse. Kinda makes a mockery of the whole “were all about love and inclusion” nonsense that we hear trotted out all of the time to win victim points. What they really should be saying is the opposite. Devisive, exclusionary hatred litterally leaps to mind.

        And before you say “this is just one example” or “this is just one person”, it really isn’t and there’s a whole network behind him.

          1. NobleLocks

            Aww bless. You chose to be toxic and try (and fail) to use reputational damage to attack the person posting about a pedo ring instead of engaging and actually learning something…. and all you can do is offer a gold star as a snide little quip.

            We used to have a name for girls in the schoolyard who used reputational damage and malicious gossip about other kids for their own self-gratification… now remind me what it was…

            This isn’t going to get better millie, it’s going to get a lot worse… I hope you’ll be happy with the choices you make along the way.

          2. millie bobby brownie

            So do you have anything to add of value or is it just calling me a bitch? How very, very predictable of you.

          3. Nigel

            ‘the person posting about a pedo ring’

            You’ve posted about one person with a rapist father.

        1. Nigel

          So… she employed her father, a monster, after he was charged, and those sexual fantasies – I mean, those would certainly be enough for me, but now you’re going off on this huge rant and rave about trans people and her victims and Stonewall and a whole network – sounds to me like you’ve got a whole lot more cancellatin’ in mind.

          1. NobleLocks

            Ok fair enough, I’ll let you wait for the rest of it all to come out and you can judge it yourself. There’s a huge amount of it and it will cause a lot of people to ask if we’d learned nothing from Jimmy Saville (as I said)

            And I didn’t say trans people, I said “trans privilege”. It exists and it is at the core of this because when you have a group of people who cannot be questioned in any way shape or form (Stonewall: Acceptance without Exception) it will attract predators wanting to prey on vulnerable people and children ala Catholic Church. The group isn’t the issue, it’s the privilege and the access.

            The whole dead name thing is just a classic example, if you’re a nonce and want to disappear, trans into a female and bingo! It’s practically illegal for someone to use your real name. This is just gold to these barstewards.

          2. Nigel

            Oh, so I’m supposed to be also responding to stuff neither, what, public nor proved?

            Uh, since when did ‘trans privelege’ protect you from criminal charges or police investigation? Literally the only way being trans would protect a child molester is if the routine way trans people get accused of being child molesters makes it difficult to sort signal from transphobic noise. It isn’t as if people haven’t warned about this. Ridiculous, ugly conspiracy-mongering.

          3. Junkface

            I think this case is more about the big picture, in an increasingly complex world, where some changes are moving too fast for the legal system to keep up. If a vetting system has been corrupted by a new ideology, then the results can be catastrophic, like those horrible cases Rotherham,


            For those not familiar, the police repeatedly ignored the horrible crimes against young girls from poor communities because the perps were all Pakistani or of similar ethnicity. They preferred not to be called racists (and lose their jobs) than prevent and protect vulnerable teenage girls from being passed around a rape-ring. That’s just one example of a legal system corrupted by a dangerous, delusional ideology like wokeism or CRT.

          4. millie bobby brownie

            I always enjoy your comments, especially on these complex topics JF. Another really great comment here. Good food for thought here.

          5. Nigel

            ‘That’s just one example of a legal system corrupted by a dangerous, delusional ideology like wokeism or CRT.’

            Neither wokism nor CRT are ideologies. One is a college course, the other is a street name for greater awareness, both are being demonised and blamed for all sorts of nonsense, neither had anything to do with Rotherham, which was hardly the first time nor the last time the police let down the victims of sexual abuse, and the vetting of an online social media platform has nothing to do with the legal system, so to blow this out into a bigger picture is disproportionate and reactionary.

          6. Junkface

            Thanks Millie. I’ve heard enough legal experts, historians and psychologists trying to warn us all about how the legal systems we all live under must be modernized very, very carefully and be mindful of how events have unfolded throughout history when ideologies have taken hold of a population. A lot of innocent people could get hurt or killed as a result. We cannot sweep inconvenient or narrative breaking truths under the rug.

          7. Junkface

            You are dead wrong there Nigel. Maybe read some articles from Bari Weiss, Helen Pluckrose, Colin Wright, Jonathan Haidt and open your mind? I’m never going to convince someone who is already in a cult mindset. Many of these authors, journalists and experts have already confirmed that the behaviour around wokeism and CRT is a new religion of sorts, because so many people are cast out daily for blasphemy or wrong think.

          8. Nigel

            What you mean is these journalists have all been roundly criticised for terrible takes on various subjects but think freedom of speech and thought should be a one-way-street, so, yeah, if you think their writing is bad you’re in a cult.

  4. Johnny

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  5. Elle

    I don’t usually comment but I just wanted to say I’m really enjoying the tomorrow tonight preview of the front pages.

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