These Little Town Blues, Are Melting Away


This afternoon.

The deal that legislative leaders brokered with NY Governor Andrew Cuomo calls for a 13% sales tax, 9% of which would go to the state and 4% to the localities Distributors additionally would collect an excise tax of as much as 3 cents per milligram of THC, the active ingredient in cannabis, with a sliding scale based on the type of product and its potency.

The governor’s office estimates that a legal cannabis program could pull in about $350 million a year once fully implemented.

New York Reaches a Deal to Legalize Recreational Marijuana (New York Times)

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6 thoughts on “These Little Town Blues, Are Melting Away

  1. realPolithicks

    Here in Massachusetts there is a 20% sales tax for recreational purchases but no sales tax for purchases for medical use.

  2. johnny

    ..the lost years,Cali has been legal now for 5 years,what NY lost was its old legendary growers and crews,most moved out west,but they coming home now.

    “As a college student new to New York in the late-2000s, I can personally attest that AJ’s Sour Diesel cut was far and away the most coveted strain, only available to the who’s who of Manhattan weed heads. With a $100 per gram price tag, exceptional high, and aura of influence, it remains one of the best highs and best flowers I’ve ever encountered.

    While the original cut lives up to the reputation that precedes it, the Sour Diesels of today vary greatly. “There’s a lot of faux Sours out there,” explained AJ. “But some of them are actually pretty good. Sometimes someone will give me a call and say, ‘yo, I think this is the original Sour.’ And I’ll get a cut and grow it out. It never is, but it’s still really good. When it comes down to it, there’s no real authentication process, and I can’t go around checking. So, who knows?”

    -it’s still 5,000 a pound today-only 10 pounds per month are ever sold…some people just chill and sit at home outside LA….sell 50,000 of home grown a month…w/o breaking a sweat.

    -proposed NY law includes right to cultivate 6 plants at home-thats a big win.

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