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8 thoughts on “TV Dinner

  1. bisted

    …hah…had just taken some smoked haddock from the freezer and decided to make a fish pie…more or less the same recipe…hadn’t realised it was so retro!

  2. theo kretschmar schuldorff

    Ca ~1990, I plugged my Commodore 64 into the TV aerial box in the house and ran a program that made the tellies at home show my convincingly fake Aertel “emergency government instructions” for the April 1st that was then in it.

    1. Janet, chatty mammy

      Slap Fight, carpet bombing with your big toe on the space bar…Bubble Booble, knowing where all the creepies were coming from, top games, I’d love to play them again

      1. scottser

        i got ours a console at christmas for 30 quid or somesuch , it’s got a couple of hundred of those 8 bit games.
        top tip – play with the sound down to avoid headwreck.

  3. Toe Up

    Poor man’s internet I used to call teletext back in the day.

    The day Kurt Cobain died, my sister and I tried to record the stories from Aertel and Ceefax on our VCR, but it only recorded the TV programmes that were on at the time.

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