This morning.

A disclosure to RTÉ Investigates by a whistleblower who works at the Department of Health claims the department is secretly using information from private doctor consultations to build and maintain dossiers on children with autism who were involved in legal actions against the State.

Via RTÉ News:

The dossiers, which include the sensitive medical and educational information of children involved in long-dormant court cases, were built and maintained over a number of years by the Department of Health without the knowledge or consent of parents.

The work was done with the cooperation of the Health Service Executive and the Department of Education, and involves detailed information sourced directly from confidential consultations that the children and their families had with doctors and other professionals.


These updates record issues related to children named in the court proceedings, as well as their parents and siblings. They also record details such as marital breakdowns among parents and addictions in the home.

The information was shared and gathered with the goal of aiding the Department of Health with a background legal strategy, such as in determining when it would be a good time to approach parents to settle or withdraw their case.

Department of Health built secret dossiers on children with autism (RTÉ)

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18 thoughts on “Sickening

  1. Conski

    HSE, Dept Health, Dept Ed, Attorney General, Doctors, Other Professionals – thats quite a count.

  2. axelf

    everyone in DOH and HSE and any other public service involved in this should be terminated and prosecuted. doctors who handed over the confidential information should be struck off.

    of course though this won’t happen

      1. GiggidyGoo

        It’s a question that comes up every time there’s a HSE scandal that refers to a time during which Varadkar was Health Minister. Same with the Cervical Cancer scandal.

        standard copy + paste reply almost

        “Personally I have no recollection of being briefed on this” Varadkar says he found about the Department building the dossiers through the media, adding that he has no recollection of the practice during his time as minister.

    1. John F

      That is a very conspiratorial viewpoint!
      However, it’s totally right. The tanaiste is in trouble and the deep state* here knows that.
      *(I am referring to the one described brilliantly by Eddie Hobbs on your YouTube podcast).
      He is the poster boy for the new Ireland that certain unknown forces are trying to create. To have him resign in disgrace would be a setback so he must be protected at all costs. This takes some attention off him.
      However, I can see this back firing. There are undoubtedly many nervous official’s worried that they might be the next sacrificial lambs so they might leak out Information that Finishes Varadkar off.

      1. V aka Frilly Keane

        Leo will ride this out
        watch how Unity Poll starts to feature more and more in the next 6 months, and in the lead up to his twist as Taoiseach

        far more egregious and damaging to the Irish Taxpayer and Citizen, and contrary to the best interests of the Country, IMO anyway
        was Denis Naughten’s meeting and dining with the Granahan McCourt lads – mid Rural Broadband Tender
        and that will be the sacrificial lamb here – he’s still blueshirt DNA, inherited from his daddy Liam

        I reckon they’ll kick something off from that “auditors” report – build something up from the mutiple breaches (Conflict of Interest massacre), and Denis will take a suspension from the Dail, his seat is safe, but he can never sit around a Cabinet again, so something sexy in Europe
        remember he’s not 50 yet folks

        btw thinking of calling the Irish Deep State thing O’Anon
        or BallymcAnon, as a regular slot
        what d’ye think

      2. Nigel

        ‘He is the poster boy for the new Ireland that certain unknown forces are trying to create.’

        Oh get bent, this is same old same old.

        1. V aka Frilly Keane

          partly Nidgie

          But Leo travels well outside Ireland
          and that’s what’s really going on, and letting all the same old same old set see out their days with their tops up and benchmarked

          come back to me in ten years – 2031

          Irish Unity + Nobel for

          jesus I can’t believe I’m saying it either

          1. Nigel

            We’ve had rogues that charmed foreign leaders before, in fact we’re renowned for it. Anyway, I’m not arguing with you, it’s the conspiratorial tone above.

  3. Broadbag

    Heads will roll…or there’ll be a lengthy and expensive investigation and no-one will be held accountable…and on and on it goes.

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