“If You Consider This Normal, I’d Be Very Concerned About The Culture You’re Working In”


Last night.

RTÉ Investigates on Prime Time on RTÉ One.

Whistleblower Shane Corr (top) reveals how the Department of Health secretly used information from private doctor consultations to build and maintain dossiers on children with autism who were involved in legal actions against the State.

Almost 50 children with autism affected by secret dossiers (Irish Examiner)

The whistleblower exposing the Department of Health’s secret dossiers (Conor Ryan, RTÉ Investigates)


Ombudsman for Children Dr Niall Muldoon

This morning.

RTE Radio One’s Morning Ireland.

Children’s Ombudsman Niall Muldoon was asked if he wanted the practice stopped, he said: “Absolutely”.

He added:

“There’s a couple of questions need to happen, statements need to come out: Has this stopped? And also has the Department of Health made immediate contact with the families involved? Because there’s hundreds of families out there worried that they might be the ones involved here?

“They might be the ones who have had information gathered on them. So we need to make sure that those families know that they have this information available.

“And, finally, we want to take a look at see has this been happening in other lawsuits in which children are involved. Because, again, if you consider this to be normal, than I would very concerned about the culture that you’re working in.”

Later, asked what the impact of the revelations on the relationship between children involved and those providing care to them, he said:

“It’s got to be damaging. As you heard [HSE CEO] Paul Reid say there, earlier on, confidentiality is the cornerstone of all medical and therapeutic services. Our children with autism are going to these therapeutic services with the sense this is about them and them only and no information will be shared outwards.

But to find that, if a child has a meltdown, or has some sort of challenging behaviour situation, that that is recorded for nobody to look at, not for a lawyer to use against them, that’s the absolute opposite of therapeutic service.

“There’s real serious concerns from that regard. So we have to ask: who asked for the information? And who gave the information? And those answers are crucial.”

Yesterday: Sickening


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18 thoughts on ““If You Consider This Normal, I’d Be Very Concerned About The Culture You’re Working In”

  1. ce

    Well done to Mr.Corr.

    Ultimately, people are having to sue the state to get basic services, which if not provided end up causing the State so much more in the long run, pathetic.

  2. Johnny

    …hold on,how else are they going mount a defense,lost a little here.
    Any litigation I’ve been involved in we built a deck on other side,including hiring firms that,ahem specialize in that-what’s the state (you) supposed do,how would you refute allegations ?
    It’s your money,do you not want to be defended,in some situations against vexatious lawsuits.

    1. ce

      In general – and am open totally open to correction – isn’t everybody made aware of the materials that each side has access to, and that’s really the issue here?

      But this whole process is costing us a fortune either way. Nobody should be in court for this kind of thing, the only folks who gain are lawyers and barrister and I’m sure they have other things to be doing.

      1. Just Sayin

        Yes each side must disclose anything they wish to use in court.
        They can keep quiet on anything they have collected but don’t intend to use in court.

        These dossiers appear to be for the purpose of identifying which families are most susceptible to being bullied into an out of court settlement.
        And / or when they may be most vulnerable so they can be targeted then.

        The contents of the dossier need never be revealed.

        1. johnny

          …appears more like the remit of the justice department,i’ve no idea, but does the HSE really have a investigative and legal dept,does the HSE have a preemptive legal mandate here,not justice?
          has more than whiff off a tough street smart ny /la drugs cartel…diffs btw big pahrma/big ag/govt agencies/big drug syndicates kinda blurry at best,but not the kids,jaysuz:)

    2. goldenbrown

      all seems a bit sleazy to me, keeping private dossiers

      like something you’d expect to see in a Mikey Spillane novel

      or East Berlin in the 70’s perhaps

      1. Micko

        While watching this last night, I turned to the missus and said “there’s a real bang of the aul Putins of this”

        If the voiceover had a Russian or North Korean accent , I probably would have switched off and thought “sure that’s just what goes on in those countries, the state actively working against the people. Nothing new”

  3. Mick

    Is there a suggestion here that doctors, psychiatrists or other professionals gave information from private consultations to HSE/DoH? That’s surely highly unethical at the very least?

    1. Dr.Fart

      doctor/patient confidentiality broken in the worst way possible, and the HSE are backing it. They’ve publicly responded saying this is normal. Would make you wonder what else the HSE deem normal that we don’t know about.

  4. eoin

    It’s almost like every medical authority in the world, from the WHO to the HSE, has been infiltrated by completely authoritarian lunatics.

    1. Micko

      It’s a bit mad alright.

      A bit mad how it’s fine to question how the HSE and Dept of Health could act like this.

      But, if you query the HSE’s behaviour around Covid, you’re branded a conspiracy nut or right winger.

      “But look, here’s more proof that they act dishonesty and against the interests of the most vulnerable in society”

      “SHUT UP RATLICKER!!!” ;p

          1. ce

            Public and Private Corporate system reward the behaviour, always have, you just hear more about it in the news now… which might be kind of be progress…

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