Won’t Somebody Please Think Of The Inter-Household Playdates


HSE CEO Paul Reid

This morning.

HSE Chief Executive Paul Reid has expressed concern over the level of activity outside schools, saying that inter-household playdates are “a significant issue”.

Speaking on RTÉ’s Morning Ireland, Mr Reid said that transmission of Covid-19 was not high in schools, but warned that there had been a lot of activity outside of schools.

He said significant testing has been carried out in both primary and post-primary, and on average the positivity rates stand at 2.7% and 1.6% respectively.

Playdates is very clearly one of the aspects of it coming through or visits between households, that it’s a very significant issue,” he said.

Concern over level of activity outside schools – Reid (RTÉ)



This morning.

Clonakilty, county Cork.

Thanks Otis Blue

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55 thoughts on “Won’t Somebody Please Think Of The Inter-Household Playdates

      1. Johnny

        Hugs and kisses CIAN.

        ‘The state was one of the earliest to resume in-person instruction in August, following an executive order by Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran that directed districts to provide families the option of classroom learning five days a week or risk losing funding. The mandate triggered outcry among some teachers and parents who considered it risky, and drew unsuccessful lawsuits aimed at blocking it.

        In the seven months since, Florida schools have avoided major outbreaks of Covid-19 and maintained case rates lower than those in the wider community. Mr. Corcoran said 80% of students in Florida are now attending schools in-person full- or part-time.‘


      2. f_lawless

        @Cian This is disinformation. We simply don’t know which of those positive test cases are in hospital/ICU due to Covid or due to something else entirely. There’s no excuse at this stage for not being aware that the HSE don’t make that delineation in their statistics.

        1. Cian

          Frankly that doesn’t matter in this instance.

          If you are ICU you are in a bad way.
          Having Covid is going to make a bad thing a lot worse.

      3. K. Cavan

        One 17-year-old & one 24-year-old have died after positive Sars02 PCR tests, in a year. They are the youngest people in the country who’s deaths have been allegedly linked to the virus, we don’t even know if they developed Covid. The 5-14 age group have the lowest rates of hospitalization, relative to “infection”, of any group & Zero Mortality.

    1. Dr.Fart

      You’re ignoring the fact that children still carry and spread the virus, regardless of how it effects them. A year into this and it’s remarkable how many know so little.

      1. K. Cavan

        Virus enters Upper Respiratory Tract, infects cells, uses the contents of the cell to replicate, kills the cell, bursts it open & the virions exit. At that point, you will become infectious, IF enough cells are infected. You will present with respiratory difficulty, high temperature, cough & sneezes if there are cells in your respiratory tract bursting apart. That’s my scenario, what’s yours? Some sort of Hop-On Hop-Off Tourist Bus scenario?

  1. Geraldo

    There is no evidence to support this.

    Nphet have completed their transformation from health advisors to politicians; obfuscation, lies, deflection and distraction are now the modus operandi.

    1. paul

      separate desks, masks on, windows open, staggered classes and lunches is what I’ve heard. As soon as they are out the door, masks off and mingle. Parents hanging around the front door in groups don’t help matters either.

  2. GiggidyGoo

    Child goes to school and mixes with other children. Child goes on playdate with other child from school. No difference.

    Each child is carrying the same germs from his/her family to school – the same germs are at home on playdates.

    Reid is winging it.

  3. V aka Frilly Keane

    This lad knows as much about the infection beheaviour of this virus as I do
    which is SFA
    Certinaly not enough to be issuing National statements on the matter anyway

    So I’ll quote (ish) the teenager last night
    How is it ok for me to go into school with 800 – 900 on the roll
    but not have a friend over to my own house

    1. Mick

      It’s ok for your teenager to go to school because there’s not 800-900 in there right now, there’s only 5th yr & LC classes in secondary school.
      In my teenagers school (and I’m sure it’s the same in most schools), they have redesigned the timetable to give staggered breaks and staggered lunch times so comparatively few are outside at the one time. Breaks are patrolled and masks must be worn in school yard if you’re not 2m apart.
      Students mostly stay in their “base classroom” for classes (apart from practical classes where they have to move) at separate desks 2m apart, with windows open & wearing masks, etc. as paul said above. When they gather outside afterwards on the way home or at home they don’t have the same protocols in place, and that’s where the problems lie, not in school. My other younger teenager is dying to get back to school, she hasn’t seen her friends since before Christmas. Never thought I’d say it, but thank feck for TicToc, Snapchat, etc., because at least that’s keeping her sane and in some sort of communication with her friends.

        1. Mick

          Probably not the best, but better than no educational environment at all, because you’re at home sick with Covid-19, and bringing it home to other vulnerable family members.

          1. Micko

            Ah, I know people are only trying to do their best, but making kids follow all these rules, just rubs me up the wrong way.

            I can’t help it. Your description of what your kids are put through is just really upsetting to me.

          2. Mick

            It’s tough on them, no doubt. My Leaving Cert-er has a countdown clock on her wall, “25 school days left”. As she’s not sitting any exams (predicted grades all the way), that’ll be it! Can’t f-ing wait.

          3. Micko

            Ah that’s good.

            Fingers crossed when next years LC year go back in Sept, they won’t have to be put through this crap again.

  4. Daisy Chainsaw

    A meaningful Christmas killed an extra 1000 people. What’s an acceptable kill level for your meaningful Easter?

      1. Daisy Chainsaw

        Less than 200 people died from/with/adjacent to Covid in December bringing the total to 2237 by the end of the year. By mid February the death toll was over 4000.

        1. f_lawless

          Most of those deaths were in care homes. There’s a direct correlation with vaccine roll out in care homes and the spike in deaths – as has been seen in many countries. It’s a more compelling hypothesis at this point than some vague modelling about the impact of increased movement at Christmas

          1. E'Matty

            exactly, only those who have received the flu vaccines appear to be suffering cytokine storms (i.e. the elderly and medical professionals). I’d love to see the stats on those who died having suffered a cytokine storm and what percentage of them had received a vaccine in the prior 24 months. All of them I’d say. Coronaviruses have a long history of cytokine storms resulting from vaccine interference and antibody dependant enhancement. The poor idiot class are all desperate to get their vaccines utterly ignorant to the very real possibility that the proteins the vaccine starts to build, and continues to build in the body, may result in a reaction or cytokine storm next autumn or winter when the next seasonal wave comes back around and they encounter the wild virus. We could be on the verge of a truly horrifying death count across a much broader population. I certainly hope not but I have been preparing myself psychologically and otherwise for such an outcome. It would be a seismic global event comparable to similar end of cycle events like WW2. My fear is we are only at the beginning of this turning.

          2. Just Sayin

            The spike after the vaccinations may simply be the expected result of giving any vaccine to a vulnerable person. Adverse reaction / side effects that would merely be a nuisance to them could kill a vulnerable person.

            Normally we vaccinate young healthy people to provide herd immunity so old / vulnerable people don’t need to risk vaccination.

            Vaccinations don’t work very well on old people. A vaccine needs a strong response from the immune system to get the required antibodies and T-cells generated.

            In the case of people previously infected with covid, there is an immediate risk of a cytokine storm as the previous immunity does battle with the vaccine.

            And the very nasty possibility that the vaccine primes the immune system to go into cytokine storm when the actual covid virus or a similar one is next encountered.

            There is a reason the vaccine companies wouldn’t release to the market without indemnities from the government.

            p.s. I think the 80 or so children crippled with narcalopsy are in line for nearly €1,000,000 each from the Irish govt for pandemerix (2009 the last time the pharma companies pulled this scam)

        2. E'Matty

          can you provide the evidence to support your claim that it was this “meaningful Christmas” that was the cause of these deaths? We know now that the cases had already commenced their rise under level 5 restrictions in November and BEFORE any restrictions were slightly relaxed in the lead up to Christmas. Where’s your evidence that this rise had anything at all to do with relaxing restrictions?

          1. Cian

            You are wrong.

            Cases dropped through November (there was a slight plateau in mid-November ~400/day) but dropped from 19th Nov through to the end of November.
            Plateaued (~250 cases/day) until 13 Dec then started to rocket upwards.


        3. Just Sayin


          Deaths (all causes) per quarter 2015 – 3rd Qtr 2020 (latest available fron CSO)

          2015 8604
          2016 8609
          2017 9067 <- regular old fashioned flu epidemic
          2018 9278 <- another old fashioned flu epidemic
          2019 8618
          2020 8674
          2021 ????

          (8604+8609+9067+9278+8618+8674)/6/3=2936 average deaths per month in a Q1

          2015 7565
          2016 7697
          2017 7315
          2018 7592
          2019 7519
          2020 8582 <- new fangled covid pandemic
          2021 —-

          2015 6851
          2016 7129
          2017 6987
          2018 7143
          2019 7358
          2020 7111
          2021 —-

          2015 6932
          2016 6955
          2017 7115
          2018 7103
          2019 7639
          2020 ????
          2021 —-

          So from your figures (4000-2237)/1.5 = 1175 covid deaths per month (Jan + 1/2 Feb)

          From the CSO figures above we expect to see 2936 deaths in a month in Q1
          So if the actual figures are higher then indeed covid has had an impact.

          For now we can't tell if the 1175 figure is real, or if the government is re-badging 40% of deaths as covid.

          For example a stage 4 cancer with negative pcr test can still be counted as a covid death if they suspect covid. HINT if it's a nursing home or hospital they always suspect covid.
          (It's essential to keep the numbers up)

          Here's Liar Varadkar bragging exactly that in the Dail

          “Somebody who had Stage 4 cancer, was in a nursing home and was suspected of having COVID, but didn’t test positive, we counted that”


    1. Bob

      If you polled people pre Christmas about what they want,

      A. A meaningful christmas
      B. 1,000 mostly elderly to live for 1-3 years more

      I think 66% would vote for A.

        1. Micko

          I licked a rat once.

          Now I’m not a doctor, or even a scientist, or even particularly clever… ;)

          But is it the reason I kicked Covid in the head and was barely even affected?

          I like to think so.

          Well, there’s no proof it DIDN’T help.

          Lickin rats – it’s the new vaccine and it’s free!
          Get on it people!!

        2. E'Matty

          you’re the only rat on here Daisy. Is it wrong that I actually hope for a cytokine storm for you?

          1. E'Matty

            I’d question whether you are human at all. Like a snivelling little rat on here very day.

          2. bisted

            …don’t know what a cytokine storm is Daisy, but it sounds bad…how did you manage to get the smartest boy in the class to sound like a gutter-snipe?

          3. Daisy Chainsaw

            Just lucky, I guess. The easily led get so easily wound up around here when their batploppery is challenged. Such easily triggered snowflakes.

          4. E'Matty

            @ bisted – Daisy here just has a talent for bringing out the worst in everybody it seems. I think it’s a repulsion thing. And thank you for your kind words…just to add, it’s quite illuminating that you have such a strong position on this virus yet you don’t even know what a cytokine storm is. It’s kind of the thing that’s actually killing Covid patients. Says a lot that you don’t know what it is 14 months into this pandemic. Can’t say I’m surprised though…

          5. bisted

            …@mattie…I honestly don’t know what a cytokine storm is…I do know a bit about maths and statistical analysis in particular…but you don’t have to know loads to know what exponential growth means…modeling is something you learn in the first week of any science discipline…so I know that ratlickers are either willfully lying or just stupid…

            …the smartest of the smart boys and girls seemed to opt for medicine…I tend to place a lot of trust in them…you however, have exposed your inner gurrier so I’m restoring Nigel as Broadsheet head boy…

  5. Bob

    His narrative is kids should not mix but should go to school. Once he has that straight in his mind he now needs to fumble along with bs and bluster about how to back it up.

  6. Redundant Proofreaders Society

    This news report blames play dates, another blames parents at the school gates, another blames the B117 strain, another the Brazilians, another kids on bikes, another house parties…


  7. wearnicehats

    Thankfully people are stopping listening to this misery bag. As the great Jeff Goldblum once said, “Life finds a way”

  8. Zaccone

    Its this sort of deliberate Orwellian double-speak that should make people distrust the government. If they’re willing to (very obviously) lie about this then what else are they lying about?

  9. Dr.Fart

    the amount of classes I see walking around with their teachers on the street. very young kids, around ranelagh, and they’re all in a big bunch. I know its hard or even impossible to keep them apart, but my point is that no matter who says what, bunches of humans together is simply how it spreads. people pulling up different figures and arguments for or against are only doing so to try support what they want. none of it matters, the fact is, bunches of people = spread

  10. K. Cavan

    How many Schoolchildren have died from Sars02 infection? None, in fact nobody under the age of 17 has. Less than 1% of 5-14 year-olds who’ve been declared “Infected” have even been hospitalised. Since 92.2% of all deaths have been over-65s, Teachers are also in a low-risk category. Asymptomatic transmission is not completely impossible, if someone had just become infected, they blew their nose & you smeared the snot in your eyes & up your nose, it might happen but it’s not worth serious consideration. So pupils, teachers & parents are not exposed to meaningful risk by schools being open, masks & social distancing in schools is pointless & Paul Reid is an ignorant chancer.

    1. Just Sayin

      We would have killed all the supermarket workers back in April 2020 (when noone wore a mask) if anything that chancer said were true.

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