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  1. f_lawless

    Nearly 3 weeks now since Texas lifted all their Covid restrictions. Disaster was predicted by many of those who still hold faith in the power of so called “non-pharmaceutical interventions” to keep the virus at bay (despite all the empirical evidence to the contrary that has accumulated worldwide).

    Instead of an exponential rise, Texas has seen a continuation of their steady decline in new cases and deaths attributed to Covid


    “What’s striking about all the above predictions of infections and deaths (see article) is not just that they were all wrong. It’s the arrogance and confidence behind each of them. After a full year and directly observing the inability of “nonpharmaceutical interventions” to manage the pathogen, the experts are still wedded to their beloved lockdowns, unable or unwilling to look at the data and learn anything from them. “

    1. V aka Frilly Keane

      did you forget to mention their vaccination rates?

      FYI folks
      The take up and the roll out was so impressive
      16 yr olds (and up) in the Lone Star State can start getting their jabs TODAY

  2. newsjustin

    The “decentralisation” story in the Examiner.

    Why the need to offer sweetners for something that is very clearly happening anyway due to COVID?

    1. Mr. T

      Apples and oranges.

      The UK are close to 50% with 1 dose administered. We know 1 dose gives enough protection, so 1 dose should be the goal until we see the vaccine effect on cases and hospitalisation, then we can administer 2nd doses.

    2. Charger Salmons

      Quantity + Quality = Over 95% of people aged 60+ have had a first dose of Covid vaccine in England.
      This provides 100% immunity against death or serious illness from Covid.
      Simply stunning figures.

      1. Charger Salmons

        Boris Johnson announces 60 million Novavax vaccines to be made at the Barnard Castle plant of GSK.
        Barnard Castle…
        And he even did it without a smile.
        Epic trolling.

        1. Unreal

          Kids you really shouldn’t be on broadsheet because occasionally they show quare ones in the nip – but if you are the above couple of comments should serve as fair warning of how you won’t want your life to turn out

  3. Steph Pinker

    The photos on the front page of The Star make me want to study philosophy – or psychology… or psychiatry…

  4. Morning George

    All the deadwood in the civil service are being moved online,but in one particular Dublin intreo office the manager has chosen to move to remote working any staff she doesn’t get on with.

  5. ce

    Monday Morning Thoughts – Ireland is expect to grow by only 2.2% accord to the mystic megs at IBEC… only 2.2% … with nothing open and half the country on the pup … not really much point in going back to work so

    1. Mr. T

      GDP maybe, thanks to all those assets moved to Ireland for tax purposes.

      Modified GNI is the metric of our “real” economy, when that gets released expect it to be bad.

  6. GiggidyGoo

    Pressure coming on the Beacon Boyos.
    In the middle of it all, Matthew Barrett changes his twitter byline to a flippant ‘would’ve gotten away with it too were it not for those meddling millionaires’ as a follow up to his previous one, translated as ‘Young, Dumb & full of Come’
    The kind of mental attitude that this Doctor has, is definitely what I wouldn’t expect in a professional medical person.

  7. Donald McCarthynd

    Interesting article on rape culture in the Guardian. I have a great interest in rape and have studied it at length given that it remains a perennial problem, especially, but not exclusively for women and girls. As far as can be determined, humans have developed two responses to rape culture, one european based and one from the horn of africa. After 5000 years of unbroken civilization and a sophisticated legal system with men in wigs howling defiance at miscreants we have developed a rape response which is usually referred to as the HBIH system. As rape should always be woman-centred this system gives women the chance to take responsibility for their own rape response. Should they not own a handbag or know a (friendly!) builder then the Half Brick In Handbag response becomes problematic. In the horn of Africa where women and girls are routinely abducted, raped and killed by any of a confusing number of tooled-up militias on steroids and mopeds the half brick is deemed inadequate. Instead they have developed the BOYOE rape kit.To ensure they can skip the rape bit of the murder/rape/abduction process, the little bag of their own excrement is a lifesaver. Well, not ACTUALLY, but you get the gist. For their own safety militias never travel in groups of fewer than 20 people and rape being inherently democratic in gang-culture the rape can not be misremembered by traumatised women as a loving encounter in the bush with a young soldier. And while western women might baulk at smearing their own excrement on their own faces they should remember, if I might be permitted to mansplain a little, that time sometimes does not allow the deployment of the half-brick. However many would-be rapists are put off by the very idea of the half-brick so it remains of real deterrent value. And while rape remains a popular activity founded in some 80,000 years of simian evolution it is unlikely we can be expected to evolve beyond rape any time soon. Quite the opposite in fact. Luckily for us, the culture of toxic masculinity has doomed us all to near-term extinction. Have you noticed how the Amazon now emits more carbon than it absorbs? Stay safe people.

  8. eoin

    They impose draconian lockdowns so you have to shut your mainstreet business, then the property lords come in and snap up the commercial properties for a fraction. Must no be moving fast enough for the ‘greed is good’ gang considering they’re now trying to incentivize people to leave the cities. What’s next? Forced expatriation?

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