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5 thoughts on “Leftovers

  1. Cú Chulainn

    Why is the nonsense that Britain offered us spare vaccines being reported? They didn’t, they don’t have any spare and as it looks like the EU and India are not shipping to them it’s more likely they are going to need 2nd doses from us later this year…

    1. Fergalito

      Agreed – a non-story but clearly some machinations going on behind the scenes, stirring up the scheisse with the EU more than likely while giving Paddy a little pat on the head and cooing into his ear about how he’s up at the top of the list of countries that the UK will be sharing surplus vaccines with at some unspecified point in the distant enough future, maybe.

    2. Andrew

      “”it’s more likely they are going to need 2nd doses from us later this year…

      No it isn’t more likely. If we can get spare vaccines from the UK we should be thankful. You and your fellow barstool republicans will have to suck it up.
      You will take the Queen’s vaccine!

    3. goldenbrown

      that old school propaganda arranged by Arghleen/Boris?

      because our media nowadays (who seem to be staffed with people who graduated their primary degree watching Anchorman followed by their masters watching Anchorman 2) will publish literally whatever nonsense turns up on their Thicktok feed for “content” and ask questions later, that’s why

  2. eoin

    Watch this space. Next we’ll be hearing about shortages of vaccines constantly…due to others not sharing with us…and then straight back into lockdown forever. Or at least until people have had enough.

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