One thought on “Safety Wall

  1. Krusty McToolbox

    There are far more dangerous cities in the world but Dublin has never been a city one could relax your guard, growing up in the 90’s/00’s the threat of random violence on the street or public transport was something to be expected, there is an ugliness that is hard to ignore, the sheer amount of unfortunately damaged people and their problems and then the possibly connected situation of a _feral element_ seems to be more apparent in Dublin than anywhere else I’ve lived, maybe I haven’t resolved the trauma of having been randomly assaulted or the numerous attempted muggings in Dublin, (Nassau st more than once for some reason, the quays, temple bar) I’m lucky, no physical injuries and I could fight back for the most part, but typing this recalls so many incidents of ugliness I’ve seen against bus drivers, shop security, fast food workers, gardai, or people just in the wrong place at the wrong time, in broad daylight mostly.. maybe I’m wrong but Dublin is not a place you can ever let your guard down, I enjoy going in to the city for a pint or a saunter but I’m always, always on guard, I can only imagine it could be a hellscape in parts of the city for those far more vulnerable than myself.

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