Down On The Farm


Here’s How.

The current affairs podcast hosted by William Campbell (right) meets a radical champion of the rights of Irish farmers.

William writes:

Are Irish farmers just a bunch of whiners who think the world owes them a living? Or do they deserve more support? Farmer and beef protester Daniel Long (above left) is running for president of Macra na Feirme but can he justify his blockading of central Dublin in 2020, demanding that the government force up the price for beef?

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Here’s How

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2 thoughts on “Down On The Farm

  1. Rob_G

    “Are Irish farmers just a bunch of whiners who think the world owes them a living?”

    – lol, I think I will give this one a listen.

  2. curmudgeon

    Another solid interview William. The point about farm hands is sadly not really common knowledge. Farmers are businessmen ie in it for the money. The friendly faces on TV that espouse that they “care for their cattle” should not fool people into thinking they aren’t.
    The power the farmers have is evident – no Gardai would touch them as they blocked me and every other taxed & insured driver heading home from work. Instead their convoy got escorted across the M50, taking up every lande with clouds of black smoke in their wake. Air pollution their parting gift.

    The point about the Leaving Cert is decent but alas even the blind grading is not entirely true – on this matter I’m afraid we’ve got to deal with the fact that the feminists who have almost totally taken over our education system are discriminating against boys even in the LC ( can tell gender from students hand writing).

    As usual feminist author getting torn to shreds in the comments, but the commenters aren’t the ones in charge.

    Also the number of colleges places is moot. Virtual classrooms are a valid option. Limited places for Medicine is a tactic to keep certain professions pay higher.

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