Staying In Tomorrow?


Former Taoiseach Enda Kenny

On The Late Late Show.

Jennifer O’Brien writes:

Ryan will chat all things Line of Duty with an Irishman who’s leading the charge at AC-12, Adrian Dunbar. Adrian will discuss how it feels to become watercooler famous more than 40 years after leaving the island to become an actor…

Former Taoiseach Enda Kenny joins Ryan to speak about life after politics and his new series that starts next week on RTÉ, sees him rediscovering Ireland’s railway routes….

Broadcaster Sarah McInerney, recently announced alongside Fran McNulty to join Miriam O’Callaghan as new presenters of Prime Time, will speak with Ryan about her new role…

Paul Howard, journalist and author of 23 books featuring Ross O’ Carroll Kelly, will be on the show to discuss everything from class privilege in Ireland, to how ROCK is surviving the pandemic…

To mark World Autism Awareness Day, we will meet with a group of parents and children who are living with autism and the everyday challenges they face.

Hotelier John Fitzpatrick will chat about New York opening up and the vaccine rollout and whether we’ll see the Irish in the Big Apple anytime soon.

The music line-up includes Wild Youth exclusively performing their new single ‘Can’t Say No’ and, on the day of its release, John Spillane performs a song from his critically acclaimed album ‘100 Snow White Horses’.

The Late Late Show, RTÉ One tomorrow at 9.35pm.


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20 thoughts on “Staying In Tomorrow?

  1. Bertie blenkinsop

    If that doesn’t put Clampers back on the drink, nothing will. *

    * love ya pal

  2. Johnny

    Fitzpatrick the ‘owner’ (ask BofI) of two cash starved,looking worse for wear old beat up hotels, type place rooms rent by the hour.

    Yeah some Chairman he’s in big demand in NY,given the two run down by the hour joints and his management here…ask him about the ahem ‘missing’ money under his watch-not one noticed almost a 1,000,000 in donor dollars for Ireland,it’s all for Ireland right ….

  3. eamonn

    Rte; out to take the good out of good Friday.
    I propose that all retired politicians should stay out of sight, and keep their sage musings to themselves, from the second they shuffle off, or are dragged off stage.
    They are paid enough, to at least leave us alone are they not?

    1. Lilly

      Nothing puts me off my breakfast quite like hearing Bertie Ahern on the airwaves. They can add a few quid to the licence fee if they promise never to have him on again.

      1. Johnny

        Friends Sinn Fein ain’t getting robbed by a yank count now are they,he’s soft a b*tch,got rolled,a bunch dumb paddies running a charity as a slush fund,of course they get robbed,the fish rots from the head.

  4. Johnny

    As a irish person living working in New York,Fitzpatrick represents old dying Ireland,he’s a dinosaur in his own industry,irish flags everywhere,the place is dripping with tacky ‘paddy’ crap,it’s like time stood still in the early 80’s there.
    Lots cool hip irish people here in ny, he’s just not in any way representing Ireland,he represents a cartoon made nickels and dimes of dumb yanks pinning for Ireland,I think he’s a joke.

  5. eoin

    Enda Kenny doing a Michael Portillo looking at railways. My God, you couldn’t make this up. I want to live in whatever fantasy world RTE live in, seems really great.

    1. bertie blenkinsop

      On a similar note, Julie Walters did a show on Scottish trains, watch it if you see it repeated, it’s class.

    2. GiggidyGoo

      UK TV seem to have an unending litany of ‘……by rail’ shows. Or ‘walks’ or whatever. I Hope this isn’t the start of it here.

      At least this will probably be a short season of train rides as a lot of the lines have been closed down
      over the years.

  6. Otis Blue

    They say that you can’t polish a turd. Yet, day in, day out that’s exactly what RTÉ try to do.

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