This morning.

Dail Eireann at the Convention Centre.

Labour Party Leader Alan Kelly and the Minister for Health, Stephen Donnelly, clash over vaccine roll-out figures.

Minister Donnelly had said “slightly less than a million doses” of Covid vaccines will arrive in the month of April.

However, Sinn Féin’s Health Spokesperson, David Cullinane said Mr Donnelly told a meeting of the Fianna Fáil parliamentary party meeting last night that the figure he received for April was 860,000.

Donnelly criticised after Covid vaccine arrivals are revised downwards (RTÉ)

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37 thoughts on “Vial Bodies

    1. ReproBertie

      That’s a misinterpretation of Donnelly’s comments. He wasn’t saying we’d receive 1.1 million doses within 5 days. He was saying that by the end of March, i.e. 5 days later, we would have received 1.1 million doses.

      1. Geraldo

        So what? Either way he’s lied.

        By 29th March there were 819,000 vaccines administered. A long way short of 1 million.

        1. ReproBertie

          I get that you don’t care about the facts here as they get in the way of your Donnelly bashing but doses delivered and doses administered are not the same thing.

          1. Charger Salmons

            Glad to see you given up on your ludicrous theory that double dosing a small minority of the population is more important than single dosing the majority first.
            I often wondered if you’d disappeared for a while in embarrassment.

          2. ReproBertie

            I genuinely have no idea what you are talking about. I have no theory about the benefits of double dosing vs the risk of elongating the period between doses.

            I stopped posting in response to you because it’s utterly pointless. Your sole purpose here is to stomp around chanting “Team GB! Team GB!” in an attempt to provoke a response. My time would be as well spent barking back at a Jack Russell.

          3. paul

            Charger just wants England to be right, even if a lot of people get hurt. He’d be right at home when they actually had an ’empire’.

        2. Charger Salmons

          I’ve never heard of an English Empire.
          I take it you’re in the slow stream at school …

  1. Sopwith Snipe

    Then, as @gavreilly reports “Tánaiste tells the Dáil that 112,000 vaccines arrived into Ireland last night, meaning the Q1 projection of 1.1m doses arriving was met, albeit by a few hours”. Remarkable.

  2. f_lawless

    Meanwhile a group of over 100 doctors and scientists from 25 countries,collectively known as “Doctors for Covid Ethics” has written another open letter addressed to the head of the European Medicines Agency (Ireland’s Emer Cooke) accusing the EMA of downplaying Covid-19 vaccine dangers.

    The doctors claim that the recorded cases of life-threatening cerebral venous thrombosis (CSVT) post-vaccination likely “represent just the tip of a huge iceberg”. They warn that clotting and bleeding after vaccination can also “be expected to increase with each re-vaccination, and each intervening coronavirus exposure”. Over time “this renders both repeated vaccination and common coronaviruses dangerous to young and healthy age groups, for whom — in the absence of ‘vaccination’ — COVID-19 poses no substantive risk. Such is the real risk-benefit analysis of the COVID-19 “vaccines. Either the EMA lacks the subject-matter expertise to appreciate the molecular science of this reality, or it lacks the medical ethics to act accordingly.”

    A couple more quotes from their letter:

    “Regrettably, your reply of March 23 is unconvincing and unacceptable. We are dismayed that you choose to respond to our request for crucially important information in a dismissive and unscientific manner. Such a cavalier approach to vaccine safety creates the unwelcome impression that the EMA is serving the interests of the very pharmaceutical companies whose products it is your pledged duty to evaluate. The evidence is clear that there are some serious adverse event risks & that a number of people, not at risk from SARS-CoV-2, have died following vaccination…

    …At best, we regard the EMA’s complacent stance on vaccine dangers to be symptomatic of the fact that, under the prevailing politico-medical response to COVID-19, medical ethics has migrated from the consulting room to a geopolitical stage. Faced with a medical problem, mass-medical intervention has seen the practice of medicine taken from doctors’ hands.In this politicized context, corporate and political actors may consider themselves free from ethical constraints, operating unbound by a medical code of ethics, unlike medical doctors. All actors, however, are bound by the Nuremberg Code.”

    1. Anti Bots

      Really BS, why the hell are you posting comments from this guy equating the pandemic to the holocaust. I know click bait, and all that shxte, but seriously in this your business plan? I gave out about another bot yesterday and it wasn’t posted. You’ve turned into the Daily Mail.

      1. f_lawless

        Equating the pandemic to the Holocaust? Why is that now -because I quoted a reference made to the Nuremberg Code? What a pathetic attempt to distract from the issue at hand. Off back to trolling school with you

  3. eoin

    How come only 5% of the French population have taken the gene therapy drugs so far? Do they know something we don’t?

      1. Micko

        Do you think it’s anti-vac to have some concern about vaccines that were developed in a 6 month time frame? As opposed to the usual 10-15 years time frame.

        And let’s be honest here, there’s multiple vaccines and they are each their own animal.

        I mean there’s several from the UK and the US and there’s even ones from India, China and Russia.

        Labelling someone anti-vax just because they might have concerns for themselves or their family over the possible LONGTERM EFFECTS does nothing to encourage people to take it.

        It only makes them dig their heels in further.

        Can you not empathise with why someone would have reservations?

        1. ReproBertie

          Do you honestly think having reservations is what eoin is doing when he talks about “the gene therapy drugs”?

          Can you not empathise with why someone posting anti-vax nonsense would be called out as such?

          1. Micko

            I can empathise. I do understand why people may be worried or afraid of people not taking the vaccine.

            Personally, I think that everyone who is at risk of death from Covid should take it. It’s worth the risk.

            But I don’t think you saying what you said to Eoin does much help either.

            If you have an issue with what he says, I think it’s better if you talk about where you think he’s wrong.

            We need to talk about this stuff. Not just shove each other into boxes.


          2. ReproBertie

            Why is it those promoting the vaccines that are expected to be reasonable and level headed in the face of baseless garbage? I don’t see you asking eoin if he thinks it was helpful referring to the vaccines as gene therapy drugs. I tried talking about where you were ignoring other factors to have a go at masks yesterday and it was a waste of time. You didn’t even pretend to address anything about the other factors leading to the spread of the virus because you don’t care how the virus is spreading.

            eoin believes the vaccines are gene therapy and that covid is the flu. I spent the early part of this pandemic trying to deal with similarly stupid claims made by those who don’t believe in Covid, restrictions, masks, etc. All it did was waste my own time because the people who post this stuff don’t care about facts. They just want to muddy the water and spread their garbage.

          3. Micko

            I did address your points. I just did it succinctly

            I don’t care how it spreads, because I don’t think the restrictions are worth it and they will bring more death and misery than Covid ever will.

            It’s as simple as that. Ok?

            Now, you say “ They just want to muddy the water and spread their garbage.”


            Do you actually think that Eoin is deliberately trying to spread disinformation for some nefarious reason? Or do you think he’s stupid or misinformed?

            Because, in one scenario he’s thick and the other he’s a fupping Bond villain cackling over a map of the globe ;)

            Or do you think that there’s some other reason?

          4. ReproBertie

            You addressed my points by ignoring them because, even though you took the time to mock the efficacy of masks, you don’t actually care about how the virus is spreading because you don’t care that people will die from the virus as long as it doesn’t interfere with your life. Is that about right?

            I have no idea why anti-vax people spread their garbage. Perhaps it’s because they can’t handle the uncertainty of modern life and would prefer to think there’s a big conspiracy behind everything and spreading contrarian garbage makes them feel like they are fighting the secret world government.

          5. Micko

            It’s not my life that I don’t want effected Bertie.

            It’s my daughters life. She has spent 20% of her life in lockdown now.

            And, honestly – I’d fk everyone under the bus for her.

            So yeah, I don’t care.

    1. Janet, chatty mammy

      most of my friends doctors have advised them not to take it….do with that info what you will

          1. ian-oG

            Chuckle, for some reason ‘French doctors’ sounds like some sort of saucy euphemism.

            Don’t mind me, I’m losing it here!

    2. Cian

      France are somewhere between us and the EU average.

      France: 1st dose: 14.8%; 2nd dose: 5.0%
      Ireland 1st dose: 15.9%; 2nd dose: 6.3%
      EU: 1st dose: 13.4%; 2nd dose: 5.6%

  4. ian-oG

    A sizable proportion of us will be here 12 months from now arguing about when we will be vaccinated.

    A rather fatalistic view I know, but how else could one think with the absolute shambles we are witnessing?

    1. Cian

      There is a limit on the number of vaccines available.

      We are doing okay:
      Ireland 1st dose: 15.9%; 2nd dose: 6.3%
      EU: 1st dose: 13.4%; 2nd dose: 5.6%

      1. bisted

        …that may be the problem Cian…there is a limit on supplies…four months later…every other mitigation squandered and still it comes down to who you know…

    2. Micko

      I think once the age groups effected and the vulnerable folks are done, there won’t be a big appetite for it.

      I think the HSE decision to move to jabbing the older folks first, was a good move.

      Again anecdotally, my neighbours in their 70-80’s who’ve had the jab (now three of them) are back seeing people and trying to get back to normal.

      So they will hopefully will be a big driver of normality returning.

      One was even telling me how he wants to fly out to his gaff in Portugal next month. ;)

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