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  1. V AKA Frilly Keane

    Judge asks if it’s Essential Travel

    Whether Judge Walsh was trolling the two girls or not
    We’ll never know

    But I reckon there’s a good enough argument out there to give the Judge room to say it was

    Particularly since most of the Private Hospital Facilities here were blocked off by the HSE
    Lockdown Depression, lost confidence in themselves
    Blah blah – I’d have no problem stringing out a 7 8 mebbe more I say that s

    Anyway, I’ll leave it to yere daily LangerLawWellar to come up with a draft Affidavit

        1. benblack

          Make it up as you along, V, as per usual.

          There’s no such thing as a Cork Battenberg/burg.

          Battenberg is battenberg.

          1. Rosette of Sirius

            The Irish have form ‘deconstructing’ Battenburgs. Can’t comment on anything else, but I’m all for a bitta V’s Cork variant.

          2. V AKA Frilly Keane

            And t’was all here for him n’ all


            And here

            Btw Andy, if you’re around
            Plus other exPats’rickSt

            All ready working on Cork Tipsy Cake -that’s Russian Slices for everyone not Cork

            And Cork Cheesecakes – here now I dunno – would they be a kinda Sponge Jam Tart for everyone not Cork d’ ye think?

            And Cork Biscuit Cakes – for everyone not Cork that’s a kinda mixed breed of a Viennese Biscuit, a Jammy Dodger and an over grown Iced Gem

            And a Curnie Loaf – nothing in the World of bread to compare
            And a Thoma pan – as above, sorry

        1. jungleman

          You reckon there is but you are not a lawyer. That said, common sense should be enough to inform you on this one.

          1. V AKA Frilly Keane

            Not trying to let on that I am
            But one thing I do know is that the Law is supposed to apply equally to all
            Shur’ isn’t that what the balancing scales you see mounted on Court buildings is supposed to be for

            If a Supreme Court Judge can make a defence for breaching lockdown, that included a sick note along the way
            Why can’t these Citizens?

      1. scottser

        There are plenty of circumstances where breast surgery could be deemed necessary. Or do we know the details of their surgeries so we can judge them some more?

        1. goldenbrown

          yeah, I’m sure that the Dept. of Social Welfare will take all those circumstances into account scottser


          1. Johnny

            If I was getting my python enlarged, seems like you need it, I would not be too thrilled to be treated like criminal by an alien govt in ‘charge’ on my country,run it seems by a x RUC officer.

            If anyone sees the minister for injustice,ask her to resign,already.

        2. Micko

          Regardless of what they have or haven’t done.

          It isn’t a massive “crime” either way and the fact it’s on the front page of three of our national papers is a tad odd. Says a lot about us (or at least what the media wants us to be like)

          And, as goldenbrown pointed out in yesterday’s papers, certain members of our society can fly in and out as they please.

          All you need is a private jet ;)

  2. Charger Salmons

    It won’t be any old draft affidavit with David.
    It’ll be a waxing lyrical Smuggerati draft affidavit …

    1. V AKA Frilly Keane

      But it’ll be Epic

      Oriental Express with all the trimmings n’ trappings epic
      Zambezi River with paddle a that is held together with gaffa tape epic
      Heston Blumenthal Chef’s Table Tasting Menu Epic
      A while season of Below Decks Epic

      And I think these ladies deserve the very best of Human Rights Lawyers here. And that’s LangerWellar

      1. Lilly

        V, why are you chastising people for having a pop at the Dubai pair but making fun of David Langwallner? Fair’s fair.

        1. V AKA Frilly Keane

          Ye wha’
          Who’s making fun of who exactly
          I reckoned there was a case for a defence
          Lads reminded me I’m not a lawyer
          True – and so I reminded everyone there is one in house already

          How many other human rights lawyers are there here so?

          Ok I did a bit of a dance there with Charage – Bank Holiday Weekend banter, shur’ that’s what Broadsheet used to be for.

          I still reckon these Women are getting shafted – and the establishment frapers & bots have racked up the cynical muck- slinging overnight n’all
          Lads here were hopping on to crack a joke – make a name for themselves
          I butted in
          So why shouldn’t I call on the in house Human Rights Lawyer

          And all due respect Lilly
          I’ve shipped a thousand times worse stuff here and on twitter/ Facebook
          Much of it from columnists themselves btw
          than that silly merry-go-round there with Charage

          Christ – not you as well Lilly

          Well, at least I know
          Mill – hold up for me there girl

          1. Lilly

            Ah stop V, don’t get riled up. I agree you get plenty of flak but you’re well able to bat it off and be funny about it too. But I thought calling DL a langer wasn’t fair, he probably gets that a lot because of the name. And yes, you have a point about the women, guilty as charged.

          2. V AKA Frilly Keane

            I’m not riled up
            Or anywhere near it tbh

            You introduced Fair’s fair
            Not me
            As for name calling
            I’ve been twerking individual names here since day one
            Are you suggesting I am to treat this lad any different?
            Hardly Fair’s fair

            Bit rich to be invoking Fair’s fair
            Especially on this forum

          3. Lilly

            You have, in fairness. Ignore me. He wrote somewhere about being bullied at school because of his Austrian lineage so I overreacted in response to that. He’s all grown up now, I’m sure it’s water off a duck’s back.

    2. scottser

      Charger learns a new word ‘smugeratti’ and wants to share it with people he looks down on.
      What a cretin.

      1. Charger Salmons

        I’m only looking down on you because you’re kneeling.
        Stand up and man up poppet.

    3. benblack

      “It won’t be any old draft affidavit with David.
      It’ll be a waxing lyrical Smuggerati draft affidavit …”

      That may be so, Charger, but, I support the side he has chosen to defend.

  3. ce

    Happy Easter, enjoy your 5K

    “In Australia, people have celebrated Easter Sunday in a relatively unrestricted manner as the country reported no new locally acquired coronavirus cases. Reuters reports:

    Queensland, the epicentre of a recent, small COVID-19 community outbreak, has had only one infection in the past three days. The state has the tightest restrictions on public gatherings.”

  4. Birdie

    Those girls must be in awful lot of pain after getting their surgery… I would of thought they’d need help etc.

      1. benblack

        Hiberno English.

        Dees, Dats and Does.

        Don’t get me started on the ‘Heighth’ of things.

        RTÉ radio still broadcasts individuals who either have never seen the written word – height – or are overcompensating for sins committed by a previous generation.

        Either way, two wrongs don’t make a right.

  5. f_lawless

    British corporate media finally covering the impending ‘biosecurity state’

    “We are witnessing the birth of what you might call the ‘biosecurity state’, a new world in which politicians and the scientists who advise them decide that suppressing disease is more important than the human freedoms we take for granted…

    If (the UK government) have their way, (June 21st) will not be the great day of release but a ‘new normal’ in which medical scientists stay close to the heart of power and shape the way we live, as the lives we once enjoyed fade to a distant memory.

    I am not exaggerating..

    …We must resist such calls. Democracies no longer die at the hands of men with guns but from within – at the hands of their elected leaders.”


  6. Johnny

    If AOC ran,she quietly possibly could take down Schumer,she scares the hell out him,hence his clumsy somewhat awkward embrace of federal cannabis legislation.

    At moment you can’t interstate ‘trade’ in cannabis,grow it in scale outdoors in Cali-sunshine grown-sell it in New York,nor can you bank with any federally charted banks.There is an insane amount interstate trafficking going on now,many attribute Mexico’s recent legislation,to the amount American weed moving south !

    The new must have accessory in NY is your own private in house,grow room,they have grows now that you basically can monitor and control remotel,so the Uber rich can watch their weed grow,have it trimmed,rolled and served after dinner,exclusive strains….every smelly half assed home grower and hippie in NY is killing it:)

    We bank with credit unions,lots and lots capital for good farmers,always was legal or otherwise.

    I’d love see AOC take him down.


    1. eoin

      So would I, she’s been found to be one of the least effective lawmakers in congress. Incompetent, stupid and most probably corrupt. The sooner she becomes president and wrecks the entire country the sooner the US can have a proper revolution and get back to common sense. Mind you, Joe and his handlers are doing a sterling job of stoking rebellion at the moment.


  7. bisted

    …oh no…there’s arch bee Dermo Farrell giving out CDs and proseletyzing from the front page of…the Oirish Daily Mail…is nothing sacred?

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