They Have Their Knockers


This afternoon.

Tallaght District Court, Dublin.

The two women who refused to go into the mandatory hotel quarantine system when met by the Army at the airport appeared in court today. The women, both aged in their 30s, returned to Ireland yesterday after travelling to the United Arab Emirates for cosmetic surgery. They have have been remanded in custody with consent to bail.

Via RTE news:

Michael French, solicitor who represented both women, said his clients will be challenging the constitutionality of the legislation and remand in custody would be disproportionate given the offence they are charged with carries a maximum prison sentence of one month.

He also said his clients, who had travelled to Dubai for breast enhancements, were not aware of the regulations before they travelled.

He said Kirstie McGrath is mother to two young children aged six and 10 and there is no one else to take care of them.

He said Niamh Mulready is mother to a seven-year-old child and had refused to go into quarantine as she needed to get home to look after her child.

He said both women would agree to bail conditions which required them to quarantine at home for two weeks, to check in with gardaí and he could not see why the State would not agree to this. He said both women had provided three negative Covid-19 tests in the last week.

Women remanded in custody after refusing to go to hotel quarantine (RTE)

Leah Farrell/RollingNews



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53 thoughts on “They Have Their Knockers

  1. Thomas Duff

    They weren’t bothered about their children when they went to Dubai. This has really gone TITS up

  2. scottser

    Such a nonsense. if they have homes and families here, why on earth should they stay in a hotel?

    1. Stella

      Because they went to a foreign country where other variants of covid could transmit and members of our community could die?

      1. RidersOnTheStorm

        We’ve got a partially vaccinated population with high transmission levels still—which means lots of mutations, variants. The more variants, the more likely there are to be variants that undermine the vaccination program.

        The third wave in Europe is driven mainly by the more contagious U.K. strain of the virus, but the South African and Brazilian versions account for up to 40% of all new cases in some regions of France.

        Any rise in these new strains is highly worrying because it’s not yet clear how resistant they are to vaccines.

      2. scottser

        They’ve been tested negative. This is just a witch hunt, its about wanting to punish someone rather than keeping people responsible.
        Sure, keep clutching your pearls – its what the media want.

        1. Charlie

          Luckily neither was involved in politics or staff of RTÉ. The nation would want them hung, drawn & quartered.

  3. gringo

    Headline worthy of the oirish sun. Leave it out. This is just “The Boys” making an example of people. Certain people.

    1. RidersOnTheStorm

      The two boob-jobbers refused to go into the mandatory hotel quarantine system when met by the Army at the airport.
      Get used to it.

  4. Daisy Chainsaw

    The saddest thing about all this is that 2 young women have been so badly influenced that they believe they need plastic surgery.

        1. Clampers Outside


          It’s all ‘Chris’ with my lovely… Hemsworth, Pine, Evans and Pratt :)

    1. ce


      They did some very stupid things and will pay a lot of money – relatively speaking – in the end, and rightly so… but flying halfway around the world for elective surgery, something awfully wrong that people feel the need to do that.

      But the whole thing is just really sad. It’s not like the leaked government secrets or set up bogus companies to mess with bond prices etc.

      1. Lilly

        It is sad. Pity they weren’t quarantined before they left, given three long weeks to think it over. 32B or not 32B.

  5. H

    “He also said his clients, who had travelled to Dubai for breast enhancements, were not aware of the regulations before they travelled.”

    Ignorance of the law is not a defence, that’s like saying you if didn’t see the speed limit sign then you can drive as fast as you like!

    As an aside, I can’t believe the number of Covid deniers and anti-vaxxers on this site. Do you genuinely believe what you are saying or are you just trolling us?

    How can you look at the data or watch the world news and seriously cry conspiracy? Is it just that nobody in your immediate family or social circle has caught it and died, or are you deluded enough for that to have happened and still be in denial.

    Yes, the Irish government are making a hash of it, as did Boris and co, and I find their one rule for us and another for the rest of you attitude infuriating. However, if belatedly bringing in measures that have been proven to work elsewhere is going to help then people need to respect those measures.

    I’m sick of people pointing to Sweden as justification for not having a lock down. If you want to see a country that has come out of this pandemic well then you need to look at Taiwan, where strict measures were brought in early on in the piece and they now boast one of the lowest death rates in the world.

    Rant over! Happy Easter everyone

  6. RuilleBuille

    What udder nonsense. They could afford flights and surgery but refuse to pay for regulated quarantine.

    As an aside if these women were from Foxrock they would have been treated differently.

  7. V AKA Frilly Keane

    Ok I get that I alone here
    Shur’ what’s new
    But ye can’t deny the sneering and cheap mockery going on here
    And that door was deliberately opened by Bodger with that greasy header.

    I get that it’s funny in a getting ‘caught rotten’ kinda way
    But ye are cooperating in the harrassment and exploitation of these girls
    For your own cheap entertainment, and for authorities to make an example of

    They broke lockdown restrictions – and at this stage so f’ing what
    And it’s no one’s business what arrangements they made with their families, childcare providers, employers – whoever is part of their household support system

    Broadsheet is openly, and in fairness unapologetic about Covid FREEDOM, and platforming Health Freedom warriors & self titled Truthers, and their various rallies, protests and YouTube channels, especially those not being represented in main stream. There has been a year of that policy here.

    Anyone else getting the smell of hypocrisy?

    No? If it’s just me, then fair enough, and have at it, + yere reserve reinforcements boys

    Until then, have a go at this→_→ These young mothers wanted to feel better about themselves,
    To make themselves fitter – in their eyes anyway, Their Body Their Choice, and that’s all that’s supposed to matter, it did one time anyway. And it always will for me.
    Ultimately, like it or not, these girls attempted to grow more confidence with their bodies. That was their game; physical body confidence.
    The methods they used are their choices and their business, their personal decisions dictated by their own personal circumstances.

    You know who else broke Lockdown to make themselves fitter & feel better about their game – Build physical body Confidence themselves?
    Dublin Footballers

    Has Broadsheet really gone that far into the rabbit hole with the hard white evangelists that a woman’s right to do what she wants with her own body is now treated as fair-game and fresh meat?
    And since when did an Irish Citizen’s decision to go outside Ireland to seek medical / surgical treatment to change their body, appearance, or whatever they wanted to do with their own body become a laughing matter?

    Ye’re not even prepared to ask why these two young mothers are your news – when 100s more landed in Ireland that same day without being escorted by uniformed officials anywhere.
    Where are all the Digital whatever Journalists now huh?

    I dunno boys – but there’s a whole load of somethings stinking

    That no one is prepared to think, or recognise, or consider what might be going on inside these particular girls heads that yere all laughing at
    After a year of lockdown, with young children, f’knows that these girls are dealing with – it could be anything
    anxiety about life outside of lockdown, fear of returning to the full work place, uncertainty about the impact being out of the classroom and not playing normally with other children might have, the long-term prospects for their young families, and for themselves.

    These young mothers do not know what is ahead of them, and attempted to deal with it, privately.

    for all SOQs sermons here about mental health implications – tis gas now just how pointless ye all just made them
    And how redundant those arguements now are

    Yeah, that smell is definitely hypocrisy

    Looking forward to seeing what colours yere wearing next week lads

    1. Clampers Outside

      I hear ya V, no one knows if they have a mental health issue. But seriously, they are grown women, not young girls V, in fairness.

    2. Clampers Outside

      And you can be sure if it were two lads getting pecs enhanced they’d be getting the same treatment.

      1. V AKA Frilly Keane

        I would hope so – If I’m about anything it’s about Equality

        But that’s not my point here Clamps

        The very people protesting about wearing masks
        The same supporters of those videoing themselves having fights with shop workers over refusing to wear masks themselves
        Calling masks muzzles and face nappies
        And people sheep ffs
        Are the very same ones are using mental health implications to argue an end to lockdown
        And demanding Health Freedom and their consta’chew’shunnell rights

        And here we have some of the same – forcing these Women – happy now – forcing these Women to mask their faces now

        And the gas part is, these Women were exercising their very own Health Freedoms
        While dealing with their own personal reasons for requiring the medical/ surgical intervention in the 1st place

        1. Clampers Outside

          I can’t see a reasonable defence of going for bodily enhancements in the middle of pandemic when restrictions are in place.

          I do hear you with regard to those who are anti-restrictions taking an opportunity to mock the two, yes, they are being hypocritical.

          But most people are not anti, and that majority are not hypocritical when they call the two out, and mock their foolish behaviour.

          A point on the original comment – The two were not singled out for uniformed escort as all persons get the uniformed escort to quarantine hotels.

          1. V AKA Frilly Keane

            I’ve no intention of a Broadsheet Weekend ping pong Marathon

            Here’s where I am leaving these

            • Not everyone that landed in DAP were escorted to a Quarantine Hotel
            In fact only a minority were – so Citizen Journalists, Digital Journalists, Anarchic Journalists or whatever tis, Award Winning Journalists – let’s have ye

            • Not all Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery is about vanity
            Most of it is corrective, reconstruction, and yes even enhancement, and there are whole number of issues that create the need for treatment. Even enhancement.
            In fact, many treatments are covered by public healthcare, and private insurance, even the NTPF. Including breast augmentation. Which is the surgery these Women sought.
            Incidentally, if you don’t believe Breast augmentation isn’t available – under specific conditions by Public Health/ Medical Card, or the NTPF, or covered by some Private Insurance policies. You are Wrong.

          2. Clampers Outside

            I didn’t say everyone was, I said those who had to quarantine were.

            The end bit is a tangent about nothing I said.

            Time to opt out of this chat.

        2. Clampers Outside

          What would cost…
          €6k+ for surgery…
          €0.5k for flights… Accomodation… €?k

          Both are on one parent family welfare payments according to their legal representative, as per BreakingNews… :/

          Doesn’t look like a “family first” situation on the surface of it.

          Me, I really don’t think this is going to be the, 2 people in a desperate situation, you’ve likened it to.
          Maybe I’m just cynical.

          1. V AKA Frilly Keane

            Remember this folks

            Or did it get fried in the 5gQ hormones in the water storm

            Anyway – general gist
            I can go to a City in the EU, get lipo sculpture and tummy tuck, (bad cesarean hangover is equally to blame btw) an eye lift – all in including flights and accommodation change from 12k
            Further East – change from 6k
            A boob job in Dubai – I dunno, I never looked into that procedure or that location

            Implants are defiantly out – and so are Fillers

            But I can tell ye absolutely expert Botox treatment and maintenance is available in Dublin for circa a grand a year – mebbe less

  8. Johnny

    Absolutely appalling to treat any irish citizens like this,on Easter Weekend,an alien govt indeed.

    … The Republic guarantees religious and civil liberty, equal rights and equal opportunities to all its citizens, and declares its resolve to pursue the happiness and prosperity of the whole nation and of all its parts, cherishing all the children of the nation equally, and oblivious of the differences carefully fostered by an alien Government, which have divided a minority from the majority in the past….

      1. Johnny

        No new be such a wiseass and self loathing irish man on this weekend,you can put down the queens schilling for a moment.

        We were more the Liam Lynch side,just reading again about his love of Bridie.

        “Lynch last met Bridie during Easter weekend in 1923. They met at a safe house in Graigavalla before he went off to meet his destiny on the Knockmealdown mountains weeks later.

        The next time Bridie would see her fiancée he was lying cold in a coffin. Bridie moved away from Fermoy after Lynch’s death and found work with the Irish hospital sweepstakes. Bridie never married, she remained true to the chief of the Irish Republic.”

  9. Darren

    It is very easy to make a laughing stock or pilory those who have little social capital. The reporting on this is degrading. The example is shameful. The fact that there is an appetite to either make an example or use lame jokes to justify their case as being worth public attention is sad and very much paints a picture of self satisfied group who are probly right now believing that a man called jesus is has something to do with easter. There are no words to describe the meanness that is apparently stored up and waiting to be aimed at sum or any seemingly deserving persons. I feel for the girls but thankfully they at least know what they are doing. People might not agree with their reasons but conflating that with their having no right and then perpetrating their public shame around both these issues as an example that stands in contrast to virtue itself is utterly sickening. For the sake of balance.. leave them alone.

    1. ian-Og

      Yep. Give them the fine and move on. More punishment for them than the likes of Miriam O’Political connections or MeHole de Martian weasel.

      “Look, POOR people breaking the Roolz, lets publicly shame, name and dish out their addresses!”

      Meanwhile a CEO of a hospital with links to one of Irelands biggest gangsters steals vaccines and the establishment media bats furiously for him.

  10. GiggidyGoo

    Still no word on anyone being fined or brought to court over the RTE retirement bash.
    Nope. But you have judge of the state putting her two pence worth into the pot of derision – a procedure that these women went for, mentioned in a derisory manner by Judge Walsh as ‘A Boob Job’ – which isn’t exactly a legal phrase. Basically to show her contempt for the two women. That Judge won’t be exactly fair in her judgement in my opinion.

  11. John F

    The reason why they travelled abroad is irrelevant to this discussion.
    In cases of foreign travel. Most countries require that you produce a negative PCR test on arrival. Surely the authorities could test them when they arrive, quarantine them for a day, test them again and if all tests are negative, it’s likely that they are clear.
    Official sire slippery and move sideways. They cannot ban international travel straight out so they will try and make it as hard as possible to discourage people from going anywhere.
    That’s the only logical conclusion.
    I wonder who owns the selected hotels. I bet they are pleased with the current arrangements!

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