Easter Sunday.

Keem Bay, Achill Island, County Galway.

Fr Quirke super spreads the Good News.


Where’s his mask?”

Pic: Sean Molloy

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15 thoughts on “Rock Star

  1. E'Matty

    Literally preaching to the flock! I like how the sheep identities have been concealed with pixels, very respectful of their GDPR rights.

  2. Nilbert

    Where did they find this throwback? He looks like he’s suffering from some sort of messianic delusion in that pic.

      1. Micko

        I dunno man. Zoom in on that shot above and any of the shots from the front.

        There’s back lighting and then there’s lifting you outta the scene completely!

        Either way – tis very rock n roll altogether. ;)

  3. eoin

    I was going to chuckle before I remembered how serious this is. I guess the World Economic Forum and the Davos bankers really don’t like Christians. Come back Romans, all is forgiven.

    1. bisted

      …yeah…come back Romans…they weren’t that fond of christians either, in fact, if they had a few more lions…but do come back…and give us Barabas…

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