Six In One, Half A Dozen Of The Other


This morning.




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11 thoughts on “Six In One, Half A Dozen Of The Other

  1. R

    Well, at a guess, it’s the 6th April and there are still 24 days to go. We tend to see vaccines given out shortly after they arrive so if someone was expecting us to have received a million by the 6th to be able to give a million by the 30th they’re clearly misunderstanding how this works.

    1. frank

      I think your guess is wrong.
      The refrigerated vaccines can be stored for 6 months. That’s why we bought the big fridges. Remember that?
      It’s when they’re transported from the storage facility that they need to be used within a short time frame

      1. R

        Yeah but they’re not storing them. They’re going out within a week of arriving. So deciding that we’ve got the full allocation for April by the 6th is completely misunderstanding things. In fact if we have over 200000 since the end of March that suggests we’re on track for 800000 – 1000000 for April. I’m no Donnelly fan and they are messing up with lots of the vaccine programme. But at least let’s not jump to stupid conclusions about an entire month 6 days in.

        1. Tony


          That ‘Politics Watch’ tweet would appear to be click bait for people keen to have opinions on things without checking facts

        2. frank

          So if there is confusion. And there is. Why not publish the procurement / ordering / invoicing information. Or is that too transparent?

  2. Baz

    Horse manure stats from failure specialist Donnelly
    I know a 78 year old cancer survivor with heart issues that has yet to receive even their first vaccine and nothing scheduled as of today.

    UK started vaccinations on December 8th

    Ireland’s political and civil service elites blind allegiance to the EU should no longer be tolerated by Irish citizens

    1. max

      Could you imagine the out cry if the irish government bought millions of untested vaccines before they were certified by any medical board, especially with the astra debacle, we would be waist deep in tribunals by now.

      It is cute that you think the irish government could do a better job of negotiating medical contracts than the EU, we would have paid 10x the cost and received our first delivery from denis o’brien in 2026

      1. Baz

        Okay Stephen’s mom, listen up, you are off on a tangent, your boy is failing badly.
        Care to offer a valid reason why a 78 year old cancer survivor with heart issues still hasn’t received even the first shot of vaccine?
        I know plenty of over 75s that have no idea when they will be vaccinated.
        Jan, Feb, Mar, April ….

        HSE only had a year to be ready to do this…

        CVS, a pharmacy chain in the US has administered 10 million shots and they are making $ yet delivering for a lower cost to taxpayers than the HSE costs us. Throw in the delayed economic recovery due to tardy HSE and the costs multiply

  3. Termagant

    Does it matter when the process for actually getting them into peoples’ arms is such a shambles
    I’m sure we have more than we can administer regardless

  4. eoin

    Great. So maybe now change focus to saving the economy and restoring society, before gulag life really takes it’s toll. And maybe tell the cops to stop hassling people constantly, before they loose all authority. Oh, and maybe consider not shifting the reopening goalposts again like you, no doubt, intend to do.

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