Black And Decker


This morning.


The junction of Lanark Way and Shankill Road in west Belfast last night

This morning.

NI scenes not seen ‘for a very long time’ – Coveney (RTÉ)

Pic: Sky News

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25 thoughts on “Black And Decker

  1. Jonner

    a new government isn’t going to change the actions of these scumbags.

    they were dragged up, have no respect for anyone or anything, they have nothing better to and see all of this as a bit of craic.

    it has p all to do with freedom or nationalism. they won’t work, won’t learn nor will they teach their children any better.

    we are generations away from a NI that doesn’t have this deeply ingrained thuggery

    1. Andrew

      Spot on Jonner. This has eff all to do with any ideology or identity. This disregard for law and order happens everyday in certain parts of Dublin, Limerick and Waterford each and every day There is a significant number of the exact same cohort in the South also. Welfare dependency, learned helplessness and simply will not engage with society except to ruin things for everyone else.
      Those that purport to advocate for them see the solution as increased welfare supports as that’s all they think they deserve. As long as they don’t live near the policy makers, and those who have the ear of legislators this will continue ad nauseum. It’s the same underclass that rioted across the UK a few years ago. Their ideology goes no further than Foot Locker, Canada Goose etc.

    2. Nigel

      I don’t know why people seem keen to distance this from ideology. If anything I’d be pretty concerned about an ideological/sectarian movement harnessing this kind of violence and directing it to disrupt civil society, control neighbourhoods, influence politics and screen deeper criminal and/or subversive activities.

  2. scottser

    the oul UDA issued a death threat against arlene recently – she’s a busted flush. the next DUP chief will no doubt be one of those hard-core creationist window-lickers; it’ll be a bumpy ride ahead folks.

      1. goldenbrown

        she’s an ’80’s Rev. Ian Paisley in drag

        tellin ya, an “Anybody But DUP/SF” Govt. + sectarian deathmatch at Windsor Park is what’s needed here

        must be distressing for any SF heads down here to be watching all of this unfolding and coming to a realisation that their core tenet is travelling away at lightspeed into the next century

  3. goldenbrown

    advisory note to Norn Iron:

    1) at your next GE vote Alliance or anyone but DUP and SF
    that’s how ye fix a fake Govt that represents nobody. powersharing, lol

    2) at earliest opportunity setup a one time only us vs them no holds barred colosseum-style death match at Windsor Park (there’s relatively so few of these horrible boo boos that you’d easily get them in there in one go) and let them at it, give them a week let them destroy and wipe each other out with their hatred. even televise it (imagine the money making potential) show the world what sectarianism is all about. then the rest of us can continue to live normal lives and worry about normal things

  4. Junkface

    Yes this is bad behaviour and old hatreds learned from their parents. Northern Ireland needs to invest in breaking this cycle of hatred with more social services, parental and family counseling, and more economic opportunity for all.

      1. scottser

        off home to play with his little lambeg, no doubt – banging it away in his neighbour’s house..

  5. Joan Burton

    Nordies are gas !

    Sinners quiet the last week or so on a United ireland !

    Who wants to be linked with these throwbacks

    1. Junkface

      A united Ireland in a couple of centuries by the looks of it. They are far from ready. If it was to come down to a vote I would not vote for it. No way!

      1. scottser

        that’s why they’re rioting – the more they do it, it puts voters off a united ireland.
        now, i’m not an advocate for the israelis or the chinese by any means, but they know how to turn a problem into a solution..

  6. Donald McCarthy

    Is Northsplaining a thing now? Really? Two can play that game so Southsplaining here we come.

    1. goldenbrown

      well they seem to need to be taught how to vote Donald

      meanwhile the Southsplaining already happens all day everyday here on Broadsheet, you’re welcome

      1. Donald McCarthy

        Years ago the Shinners couldn’t get a single vote down south. But thanks to some good old northsplaining about how to vote, things have rather changed. Maybe you’ll be as effective in driving the nordies to the alliance party. Alliance by the way, are doing nicely and would probably be hurt by southern support. Interesting times and food shortages and price increases and covid fatigue will only make them more interesting.

        1. Anti Bots

          What is tan – this so-called derogatory phrase you like to use. It is the black and tans who were here in the early 1920’s. Surely they are all dead now. Or is it someone who like the sun? Kinda a childish way to try and put someone down.

  7. Hector Rameriz

    Why is Mary Lou meeting with the commissioner?

    Imagine having Michelle ONeills job…

    Shes the leader until Mary Lou swings into action.

    1. goldenbrown

      hm. because I’d say there’s panic going on at SF towers…

      I reckon MaryLou is witnessing her United Ireland vehicle rapidly departing off into the 22nd century

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