Dear Ireland


A quarantine hotel in Santry, Dublin last week

In fairness.

Rocky Dunes


Two cases taken by a man and a woman who were each challenging the legality of making them quarantine in a hotel after arriving from Israel, have been struck out at the High Court.

The man and woman were both allowed to leave their hotels yesterday afternoon, so the challenges to the legality of their detention are no longer necessary

Derek Jennings, 47, had arrived home on Friday to support his family after his father, who has cancer, became critically ill.

He had appealed against his quarantine on humanitarian grounds, and on the grounds that Israel was to be removed from the list of designated states by the Government.

Two cases over hotel quarantine struck out by High Court (RTÉ)


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13 thoughts on “Dear Ireland

      1. Commenter #1

        Really sucks that his employer is forcing him to leave his recovering mother and return.

    1. Andrew

      I don’t get it either. If he wanted to stay with his Mum that badly he would have. Then again, he wouldn’t get all this attention if he did that.
      So many unhinged attention seekers around young and old, it’s bizarre.

      1. Commenter #1

        And apparently an awful lot changed in Rocky’s life this last week! From April 6:

        “God, this is just becoming unbearable. I’m french, living in IE for the last 4 years. Had to go back home a couple weeks ago for an unavoidable reason, set to fly back Sunday and am now stuck in this limbo. I’ll probably stay in France if this hotel thing goes ahead which is a –

        -Major annoyance, but better than being in this uncertainty! I don’t particularly agree with the measure, but honestly yes, the numbers in France are high, so fair enough… I just wish they would decide once and for all!”

        So he changed his mind within a week, and decided to come back to Ireland even though MHQ was introduced. That’s his prerogative! Sounds like it was because he was worried he’d lose a new job, though. Like I said above, a real shame that his new employer isn’t more understanding in these uncertain times.

        1. Commenter #1

          Rocky has had a terrible time with his employers during this lockdown. First losing his job during lockdown despite committing to the “greater good” and only leaving his house for essential purposes, and now forced to leave his ailing mother’s bedside to ensure that he doesn’t lose a newly-attained job. If it wasn’t for bad luck, he’d have no luck at all!

          “I would venture than more than 2% of the Irish population right now lives abroad. I happily stopped going to the pub for the greater good, and stopped travelling outside of essentials for the greater good. I lost my job for the greater good. But this is too much.”

  1. John

    What makes this clown special? The pure sense of entitlement is disgusting.
    He made the decision to leave his poor mother all alone in France to avoid having to quarantine in Ireland when he returns. Ireland didnt make that decision he did.

    My Dad had a stroke 3 months ago (In Ireland). He was in hospital and rehab for 2 months without seeing any of his family. We all have to make sacrifices here. We must protect our vulnerable family members.
    Thankfully he is now home and is recovering well.

    1. Broadbag

      Agreed, it’s an unfortunate confluence of events but we’re becoming a nation of whining babies these days – I’m angry because everything’s someone else’s fault and I should get an exception because I’m special because… waah, waah, waah! Times are tough, get on with it.

  2. Des

    I think maybe the bigger question is why is there quarantine between Ireland and all of these countries including France? What is the purpose of it?

    1. Micko

      Why is there quarantine at all? Surely the North makes the whole thing redundant?

      Is it just to placate the people screaming for it? Is it just so the gov can be seen to be doing something?

      Is it the variants? I thought the science behind it was that the variants are no more lethal than the original strain?

      Has that changed?

  3. U N M U T U A L

    Don’t hate the player…

    So you can’t get to court,
    If there’s no balls to play with?
    What a racket…

  4. E'Matty

    State backing down to avoid the Constitutionalilty of these measures being tested. Proportionality is a key element in balancing any imposition on our Constitutional rights and freedoms. The hysteria based response has been anything but proportionate.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Exactly that. Simple stroke of a pen to strike out so that the cases can’t be heard and the law tested.

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