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This morning.

Capel Street, Dublin 1

Queueing for €13 tattoos.

John Gallen writes:

I thought this thread both horrific – queueing for cheap tattoos – and hilarious…


R writes:

“You might be interested in featuring this video about Limerick-based tattooer Ross Nagle (above) and a book of tattoo flash/tattoo art he’s publishing called Stab City. Ross really deserves a lot of credit for trying to raise the standard of tattooing in Ireland. He’s a modest guy but this book is a pretty big deal (perhaps only from the point of view of someone interested in tattooing at least) and I think he deserves a clap on the back. To help clarify: ‘Flash’ refers to sheets of tattoo iconography which were originally intended to be mounted on walls for customers to choose from. Lately ‘flash’ has become something collected – as a kind of outsider art I guess – in its own right. I have no financial or business connection with Ross, his shop, the publishers of this book, etc…..

Ross Nagle Tattoos (Facebook)