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  1. Dr.Fart

    I for one, won’t be taking any risks now the vaccine is in sight. Still a long way to go, realistically at my age (40) I won’t be vaccinated until early 2022. Anyone doubting that hasn’t been paying attention. If paddy powers took bets on it I’d put Kitty’s house on it.

    1. eoin

      You got more chance of being hit by a bus than dying from this flu. What is it now….a fraction of one percent seems to be generally agreed upon? Stop listening to the media. The danger only exists on TV. Try paying some attention to the actual science yourself instead of listening to the insane propaganda and then adding to the fear mongering.

      1. Nigel

        A fraction of one percent of a highly contagious disease actually racks up a hell of a body count, why do people not want to understand that?

    2. Dr.Fart

      all really stupid replies. if it’s all overblown, then is it the entire world blowing it out of proportion? literally every country is over reacting? as for the “don’t be afraid and just get out there” replies, if we all did that we’d be in an awful state. I can sacrifice a few more months of not going to the pub if it saves at least one person dying. You can all put pints above a strangers lives, but I hope karma chimes in.

      1. Micko

        But would ya not think that once all the folks who are vulnerable, either by age or other issue are jabbed, then you’ll be grand to get back to normal?

        Once they’re safe – you’re no threat to them? And we can all have pints?

        I’m assuming since you only mentioned your own age then you’ve no comorbidities of course.

        1. Nigel

          A vaccine doesn’t mean you won’t get infected, it means you have a better chance of fighting it off. A vaccine isn’t a cure for a compromised immune system. I can’t bloody wait for things to open up, but is it really too much to ask that people bear these things in mind?

    3. Rob_G

      I thought you said that you were a retired GP, risking your life to heroically come out of retirement to help tackle Covid – your fantasy practice must have been doing very well indeed to permit you to retire in your 30s.

  2. Micko

    Ah Dr Fart.

    Come on man. You’re younger than me.

    I have a few friends like you who’ve had “their amygdala’s tickled” by the news and media.

    I spoke to one the other day on zoom. He’s a little bit older to me. Covid came up and he was asking me about when I got Covid

    He kept saying the same thing, “it’s like Russian roulette man – Russian roulette!! I’ve heard of people younger than me dying in no time!”

    This is the same fellah who just before the lockdown was telling me in the smoking area in a pub in town that he was “never quitting cigarettes” and he would “smoke till he dropped”.

    I didn’t even challenge him on his irrational fear of Covid.

    The way I see it now is you’ll just all have to come around in your own time.

    1. Dr.Fart

      hahaha the smoking thing is gas. Ok so, about covid fear, I think if I get it, I will probably be fine. Yes, there are people around my age group who’ve had an awful go of it once they had it. Some having long term damage etc., I think by the law of averages I would be fine. BUT.. it’s not only about me. I could get it, and have it not knowing for a few days or so, and if I’m fuppin about in a pub and getting loosey goosey as is my ways.. then I could give it to people who could die, or even be really sick. AND, also it continues the spread of it. If we all decide to not be afraid, and all head off out to the pub, then it’ll be rampant. Pubs are class, Im one of Irelands premiere pub men, but they’d be rubbish if you and everyone around you were just perpetually sick all the time.

      1. Micko

        I get what you’re saying, but once all the oldies are vax’d then you’re no danger to anyone. So you don’t have to worry about that. ;)

        If you’re concerned for yourself, I get that too. But, would you be ok if everyone got to make that choice for themselves and you stay in (if you want to)

        We have to get back to normal soon. So once the over 60’s are done, I think younger people have to weigh up the risks themselves. On that link above from Cui Bono I have a 0.0035% chance if croaking. And that’s pretty accurate I think coz I’ve had it and…we’re having this conversation ;-)

        It’s never going away. This disease will be here for eternity. We have to live with it.

      1. Micko

        I don’t mind people being scared.

        It’s when they drag my kid with them – then they can fupp off.

        Again, she’s spent about 20% of her short life in this lockdown, and you want me to worry about some people in their 80’s at the end of their life?


        1. Nigel

          Well, that’s fine, I can’t force you to take a more sophisticated and longer view of things, and you don’t want to be persuaded, but convincing yourself that it’s your kid versus the 80 year olds isn’t actually helping anyone.

          1. Micko

            No you can’t.

            You have kids right? How do you feel about their lives being stopped in their tracks?

          2. Nigel

            I do. It’s been a struggle. I don’t like it. But not liking what you have to do is not an excuse for not doing it.

        2. Dr.Fart

          it’s weird to not be concerned about someone in their 80s at the end of their life. there’s people dying who would’ve had another 10-20 years left in em, and they get robbed of that because some people can’t stick to safety measures for another few months. to be robbed of your life for the sake of a few months, if it was me I’d haunt you. Your daughter has years and years left. think of something you did for a year in your life that was a bad year. like for me, I did a nonsense 1 year course when I was 19, didn’t learn a thing of any use, just lived at home, did eff all. not a great year. but its so inconsequential now. it was 1 year out of 40. barely a blip on my life. your daughter isn’t going to be eternally effected by doin this stuff for a year. and to have that one blip year, and someone else doesn’t Gert their life cut short by 10-20 years, doesn’t seem like a hard decision for me. When it comes down to it I think I just value life more than you. And that’s not just coz im a doctor. Maybe you should move to America. life is cheap over there. might suit you. or china! life is suuuuuper cheap there. give that a go!

          1. Junkface

            I really don’t know what to think of that reasoning. The truth is, we don’t know the long term effects this lockdown year will have on children. I hope it’s not too severe, especially because the first 3 or 4 years of a child’s life has massive effects on brain and personality development. Its a really difficult trade off. Personally, I don’t think it is fair to sacrifice the elderly either. That sounds cruel. If an old person dies of covid 19, there is no coming back. If a child has been badly effected by 2020 in total, there is more of a chance of repairing the damage. It’s a very tough call though. I can understand a parent’s worries. Its only human.

          2. Dr.Fart

            kids aren’t that delicate. it’s not like a kid will grow up and have severe issues being in public and stuff like that, because there was a year of a pandemic when they were a child. I don’t think it will effect them much at all at all. they’re in school, they’re playing, they’re doin all their usual stuff, I don’t know what more people want for them? its just another few months of what is still pretty much life as normal for them. all the ones around here look pretty happy.

          3. Dr.Fart

            yep. they also aren’t as stupid as people think either. they see everyone being concerned, doin the “what about the children” routine, and they know it gives them leverage. its something they can use and manipulate with. people think they’re deaf and dumb and don’t see what the public are saying about them or understand it. they do. for reference, remember when you were a kid.

          4. Micko

            Right, so when I do the “what about my child” – that’s BS to you?

            Look man. Not wanting to argue this anymore.

            You’ve already affirmed by your original post above , that in reality – you only really care about your own safety and that you only trot out the “caring for the old people” to justify your own safety.

            Even when the old folks are safe with the vax, you’ll still be hiding your gaff.

            Good luck with that?

          5. Dr.Fart

            swing and a miss, Micko. I’m not saying ur hiding behind “what about my kid” and im not hiding behind “what about the olds” .. and I absolutely am sticking to safety guidelines to protect others. like I said, I think ill be ok if I get it. But I still don’t want to get it, and I don’t want to keep it spreading. If we all did that we’d be grand. I just don’t see the sense in giving up on being safe at this point. Going back to my original point, I value other peoples lives even if they only have a few years or so left. I’d hate to get all thru my life, and in the last ten years, the public tell me they don’t value it and won’t stay at home for a few months in order for me to keep it. and anyway, the kids are grand, they fuppin are. people fussing over them, and they’re grand. they have all they need, school and friends. what’s missing for them that they can’t wait a few months for? a blip on their long lives. thats all it is.

          6. Micko

            Who are you protecting?

            In case you haven’t noticed. Hardly anyone is dying of this here now!

            We’ve vax’d the hell out of the vulnerable and you’re either gonna have to grow a pair or stay indoors.

            You choose

          7. Dr.Fart

            here’s 5000 people in Ireland died from it in a year, and thats a year of lockdowns. If we just mucked about doin whatever we want and no lockdowns that figure would be way higher.

            grow a pair, to do what? I do enough. I go for walks and up the mountains n stuff, the only risky thing I do is meeting girls off Escort Ireland. And even at that im safer than before, I just use 2 of my old reliable girls and don’t shop around.

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