Supply And Demand


HSE CEO Paul Reid at Dr Steevens’ Hospital for the weekly HSE operational update on the response to Covid-19

This afternoon.




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18 thoughts on “Supply And Demand

  1. Rapscallion

    I’d say ‘English is dead’. What a woefully poorly constructed sentence from the NHS. Making something that should sound straightforward sound like doublespeak gobbledegook!

  2. Andrew

    Can anyone explain why Paul Reid is paid more than Sir Simon Stephens, head of the NHS
    Simon Stevens is Chief Executive Officer of the NHS, accountable to Parliament for over £120 billion of annual Health Service funding.

    Simon joined the NHS through its Graduate Training Scheme in 1988. As a frontline NHS manager he subsequently led acute hospitals, mental health and community services, primary care and health commissioning in the North East of England, London and the South Coast. He also served seven years as the Prime Minister’s Health Adviser at 10 Downing Street, and as policy adviser to successive Health Secretaries at the Department of Health.

    Simon also spent a decade working internationally leading health services in Europe, North America, Brazil, India, China, Africa, and the Middle East.

    Paul Reid- Worked for a bloated semi-state P& T which became Eircom, Trocaire and back in to the public service.


    1. Mr. T

      Paul is a big union man from his TÉ days.
      Well known in Dublin circles for his time in Fingal Council.

      Connections not qualifications

  3. GiggidyGoo

    Paul Reid – the ultimate ‘auto-generate soundbite’ man. Nothing else. Is he worth €420,000 salary per annum + an army driver/car to bring him from Leitrim to Dublin? Is he really worth 10+ nurses salary?

    1. Termagant

      You have to ask yourself
      If he stopped showing up for work, would anything change?
      And then go to the next layer down, the manager-manager-manager-managers, could we get rid of them without making an impact?
      How many layers of the onion could we peel away before anybody noticed?

          1. Anton Chigurh

            I’d say she would have bridled at that typo if she read it…
            No it’s ok, I’ll see myself out…

  4. scottser

    i got an SMS there yesterday inviting me to book in for a vaccination after ‘verification of my details’. obvious scam but everyone should be wary of this sort of sheeite. so i checked online and sure enough the irish indo article advised me to report it to gardai. so i rang dundrum:

    scottser: ‘howya guard, i got one of those scam phishing texts disguised as an invitation to register for a covid vaccine and the advice says to report it to the gardai’
    guard: ‘good man, and you’re right to report it although there really isn’t much we can do unless you’ve actually given over the information.
    scottser: ‘so there’s no-one i can forward this to so ye can examine it’?
    guard:’ ah no, not that i know of. sure them things are bounced half way around the world through different servers before they get to someone’.
    scottser: ‘and do you keep records of the amount and type of scams that go on?’
    guard: ‘ah not really, sure new ones pop up every day, you know yourself’.
    scottser: ‘of course guard, thanks very much for your time’

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