This morning.

Along the banks of the Royal Canal

Fine Gael Dublin City Councillor Colm O’Rourke sez:

“Some locals, including myself, have had to clean up along the canal because this issue is getting worse, but it shouldn’t have to be like this – everyone has to play their part, and those who create the mess need to remember that they should take care of that mess. More than anything, personal responsibility is required to tackle this issue. This message, though, hasn’t got across for a lot of people, unfortunately…


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16 thoughts on “Hic

  1. Ron

    Maybe the council should get off their holes and start placing adequate and proper facilities for dumping rubbish at public congregation hotspots.

    what sort of a pathetic.council have we when the members seem to lack the intellectual capacity to put in place a simple solution for rubbish dumping?

    Did none of them have the brains to think of maybe placing temp bigger bins?

    The outrage is also a good reminder to the plebs that the hardworking councillors will use issues like this as a photo opportunity to show us all just how hard they are working.

    The country is a basket case of plebs

    1. Redundant Proofreaders Society

      What our Councils don’t seem to comprehend is the notion of tailored services which meet the objective.
      Sticking a blue bin bag on the gates of my local park – now overflowing – isn’t good enough.
      My local DCC bottle bank is locked up at weekends because the adjacent community centre is closed.
      Makes no sense.

      1. Conksi

        DCC dont help, but personal responsibility to your own city, neighbours and environment is the greater sin.
        I think if all the mammys across the country could be mobilised to give everyohne a tongue lashing it’d sharpen things up.

    2. Andrew

      or, why don’t people bring their own rubbish home with them? I wouldn’t dream of leaving rubbish behind just because there was no bin.

      1. Nullzero


        The waffle posted above about the council being responsible for grown adults cleaning up their own mess is pathetic. You wouldn’t leave your own home in that state so why leave public areas like that?

        1. Conksi

          cant help but think/see an element of ‘sure soemone will pick that up after me’ type of attitude about, people have all their responsibilities outsourced (cleaning, cooking, errands… ) there’s an app for that etc

        2. Ron

          or again, as already stated maybe the council can get up off their holes and start providing adequate rubbish dumping facilities at known hotspots where people have gatherings and leave rubbish.

          Sone out of the box thinking by politicians to get extra temp bins in place? Are the thickos in charge even capable to do something as basic as that?

          maybe the council can start actually doing the job they are so handsomely paid to do like provide services for people. adequate rubbish dumping facilities isn’t a hard thing to do

        3. Redundant Proofreaders Society

          No comments within this post suggested that councils should clean up after people who illegally fly-tip and litter.

          1. Ron

            what are you talking about?

            the issue is simple

            people congregate and have gatherings in public spaces

            people should be able to expect at a minimum there will be adequate rubbish dumping facilities.

            the council need to get up off their holes and actually start doing the job they are paid to do, provide services.

            the fact they don’t just speaks more to the shitty public services we all pay top dollar for

          2. Nullzero

            Sorry. Personal responsibility dictates that the rubbish should be removed by those who are dumping it.

            Why should public money be spent on extra bins for entitled idiots who can’t pick up after themselves.

            Do you need a council employee in full hi viz uniform in your toilet to wipe your backside for you as well?

    3. Cú Chulainn

      And people should dispose of their own waste at home..? It’s the job of the council to provide services that are required by the populace.. be they at home, sunny days in parks, sports events, etc.. DCC are without a doubt the laziest, pig ignorant shower or over paid whingers to exist on this planet..

    1. Fergalito

      Are there no bins at all along the canal?

      Onus absolutely on the punters to clean up after themselves. Enjoy the afternoon, have a few drinks but don’t be so entitled and devoid of any social conscience as to expect someone else to clean up yer leavings…

  2. Paulo

    I think there are elements of both views here being correct. Primarily people should be responsible for their own behaviour and rubbish, but you will see in other cities (and London is where I would have seen it) big temporary bins being placed around on fine days in parks etc. Keeps the place tidier and means there is no big clean up operation.

    Nobody should be littering, but I think there is an expectation that councils will generally provide bins and there seem to be less and less of these than there ever were.

    [But no bins is not an excuse for littering or “leaving it beside the bin”]

    1. Ron

      and people should continue to leave their rubbish there for the council

      maybe if they actually have to start doing the work of cleaning up one of them might have a brainwave and implement bigger bins

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