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Ah here.

This afternoon.

The Royal Canal.

Lockkeepers Cottage, Strand Road, North Strand, Dublin 3.

Jdawg writes:

In a short while I saw 3 microwaves, at least 10 kids scooters, 4 bikes and a bunch of tyres picked up between two lock gates at Lock 1 North Strand. Was chit chatting and was told this is just the last skip load. There were several more taken out.

This morning.

Along the banks of the Royal Canal

Fine Gael Dublin City Councillor Colm O’Rourke sez:

“Some locals, including myself, have had to clean up along the canal because this issue is getting worse, but it shouldn’t have to be like this – everyone has to play their part, and those who create the mess need to remember that they should take care of that mess. More than anything, personal responsibility is required to tackle this issue. This message, though, hasn’t got across for a lot of people, unfortunately…



This morning.

Ossory Roadd, North Strand, Dublin 3.

Embattled Leader of the Green Party and Minister for Climate Action and Communications Networks and Transport Eamon Ryan with Green Party Councillor Donna Cooney (and Poppy, above) at the newly opened Royal Canal Route phase 2 at Newcomen Bridge.

Yesterday: It’s Not Easy

Sam Boal/Rollingnews


The section of the new Royal Canal Greenway from Maynooth to Kilcock in County Kildare is now open for public use.

Eventually it is expected the Greenway will run from Dublin to Galway.

Transport minister Shane Ross said:

“This provides a timely opportunity for people to walk or cycle off any excess calories incurred during the festive season.”


From top Gerry Robinson and Jean Wilson and her son Bobby; Irene Crolly and Darina Clavin.

Kildare section of Royal Canal greenway open (Paula Campbell, Leinster Leader)

Eamonn Farrell/RollingNews

Homeless people’s tents along the Royal Canal and an eviction notice served on a homeless person in August

Stephen McDermott, of Dublin Live, reports:

Residents in Drumcondra have called for the removal of a number of tents along the Royal Canal, claiming the rough sleepers who are living in them are intimidating locals.

“And Dublin Live can exclusively reveal that Waterways Ireland has already asked those living in the tents to leave the area, as gardai continue to work on a plan to deal with the issue.”

And in relation to a residents meeting on November 7 about the matter…

Fine Gael councillor for Dublin City Ray McAdam, who also attended the meeting, said that locals felt the site was becoming a “semi-permanent encampment”.

Mr McAdam added: “There would be a level of concern that the residents feel intimidation. Of course, everybody’s level of intimidation is different, but there’s an anxiousness about the potential for further anti-social behaviour.

“I’ve also heard that people who live there have seen an increase in behaviour, where ‘undesireables’ – to use the word of locals – are publicly drunk and inebriated, and the consequence of that is that it’s attracting similar activities into the area.

“My view is that there is a public order issue here and that the Gardai need to act.”

Gardai to implement policing plan as Royal Canal locals seek removal of homeless tents (Stephen McDermott, Dublin Live)

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Pics: Asgard 1916 Society, Dublin (Facebook)

John Byrne on Connell Bridge,  Dublin in 2011

John Byrne at the Royal Canal yesterday


Royal Canal, Dublin 7

Members of the Polish community in Dublin donated a new tent and provisions for John Byrne who has been homless for 25 years. J

ohn famously saved a rabbit from the River Liffey in 2011.

Sam Boal, of Rollingnews, writes:

As a press photographer I cover a lot of different events; including a lot of heartbreaking stories. This is one such heartbreaking story. John says he has been homeless for the last 25 years.

He’s now living in a tent on the side of the Royal Canal beside Mountjoy Prison, with his mate Daryl and his dogs. I have to admit before doing this assignment I was a bit nervous to approach it.

Everyone has their own idea of what could happen and what people might be like. At first I didn’t recognise John at all, but he recognised me; which took me by surprise. Quickly he let me spend some time with him, whilst members of the Polish community helped to set up a new tent and provisions which they had gathered together to help John move from a one-man to a bigger two-man tent.

John came to public attention in 2011 when he jumped into the River Liffey in Dublin to save his rabbit which had been thrown into the water.

With all the media attention and the fact that he was homeless, most people might have assumed that help for him was not far off.

Unfortunately, seven years on John is still homeless and sheltering in a donated tent.

John and Daryl are accompanied by his four dogs; most of whom have been rescued from the streets. His compassion for his animals is infectious John says that his dogs keep him safe; barking at everything.

They also keep off the massive river rats, which he describes as being two hands big, and that swarm over the canal banks in the early hours of the morning.

Dogs, we say, are ‘man’s best friend.’ For John that seems to be the case. His dogs are better friends to him than any human.

Over the course of our conversation I photographed set up shots, but the one above  was natural.

John just picked up his dog and his dog’s gratitude and love shines through. As a press photographer I try to highlight a story in the best way I can. Sometimes this requires a measure of setup due to time constraints and deadlines. I hope that this is not just a nice picture.

I hope it might just help John and those like him to get the proper accommodation they need. I am not naive: it requires more than houses to solve the issue of homelessness.

However people living in our capital city in tents – whose dogs are better friends than any human – is not my idea of a solution either.

Sam Boal/Rollingnews