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The runner’s coach has now called on Oregon Health Authority to reconsider the state’s mask mandate for distance runners.


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24 thoughts on “Follow The Science

    1. U N M U T U A L

      Not sure…, but Rte will be covering the Egg & Spoon-fed Race in a few minutes, might be more your cup of tea! ;-)

  1. Junkface

    Wearing masks indoors is important to stop the virus spreading, but asking athletes to wear masks outdoors while competing in the sunshine is really, really, stupid. UV light kills the virus particles. Not surprised that this happened in Oregon, where everything is politicized. Look at the mess in Portland.

    1. Zaccone


      Wearing masks indoors, on transport etc makes sense. And isn’t really that restricting.

      Wearing masks outdoors, while competing in sports is absolutely insane. Both because of the almost zero risk of transmission outdoors, and because its so restricting for the athlete’s breathing…

      1. eoin

        And she’s STILL wearing it during the interview. Masks…..don’t….work. FFS there was even a disclaimer on the blue disposable masks boxes saying they don’t. Viral germs are smaller than smoke particles. If masks won’t stop smoke particles they certainly won’t stop flu germs. Do you’re own scientific research on this one, it is easy enough and then apply common sense, once you get to that stage, then ask yourself, why we’re still wearing these bloody things?

        1. newsjustin

          I can’t believe this poo poo argument is still being trotted out.

          Viruses don’t have wings. They don’t have jet packs. They don’t fly through the air on solo runs from person to person, weaving out from between the threads of a mask.

          Viruses are contained in spittle, mucus, fluids from our body. The masks are not meant to stop individual free floating viruses. The masks are to stop spittle, snot, aerosols, phlegm, etc being expelled in our breathe, coughs and sneezes that contains the virus and can be picked up by others.

          1. K. Cavan

            If you’re coughing or sneezing you should be isolating, if not, a mask is pointless. Coronaviruses are usually introduced into mucus membranes by fingers. Mask-wearing, at best, is a waste of time, at worst, it increases the risk of infection. Masks are about propaganda, not health.

    2. Micko

      I feel the phrase, “it is America” is an oversimplification of the issue.

      But… it is America. They do seem to have a higher ratio of dum dums .

    1. Optimus Grime

      Indeed an argument could be made that the mask reduces backward propulsion caused by the forced exhalation of breath!

    2. U N M U T U A L

      True… , lying collapsed in a mask certainly would affect one’s air resistance, it has to be said.

  2. Nigel

    Wearing masks while competing or training strenuously is definitely a restriction too far. Either don’t wear them or don’t do the sport.

  3. newsjustin

    Can’t be ideal running in a mask, but athletes have weak moments and collapse from time to time.

    Maybe if people social distanced and wore masks more diligently in high risk spaces, the rules could be relaxed for athletic meets. Everyone wins, except people who feel that masks cause them to be less free and more communist.

    1. Hank

      If people were more diligent about wearing masks in high risk spaces, maybe the rules could be relaxed for athlete meets???

  4. Phibz

    Hold on – she broke the record wearing a mask !
    Therefore she was wearing a performance enhancing mask
    And needs to be banned !

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