Donegal Catch


Dr Tony Holohan, Chief Medical Officer, Department of Health at a Covid-19 press briefing in the Department of Health this afternoon

This afternoon.

“…while the national incidence rate is 125 per 100,000, Donegal currently stands at 295 per 100,000. This is extremely concerning for public health doctors locally.”

Dr Tony Holohan earlier.


Holohan: Easing of restrictions a ‘welcome and deserved turning point’ (Irish Examiner)

Leah Farrell/RollingNews

4 thoughts on “Donegal Catch

  1. Mr. T

    Life has gone back to normal here a long time ago – not a notion we’ll be doing anything differently

  2. Des

    From my experience in Donegal & friends living there – it is a hotbed of disregard for regulation & Govt suggestions. Not sure why.

  3. Ger

    Might be an idea to floor Donegal with Vaccines rather than tests, but hey there are greater minds at work in NEPHET.

  4. Cathal

    If it was some Midlands poothole theyd be making excuses but it’s us , so what, our fatality rate from Covid is tiny, even in the over 90s,

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