Martin Garrix feat. Bono & The Edge – We Are The People

‘We Are The People Of The Open Hand/Streets Of Dublin To Notre Dame,

‘We’ll Build It Better Than We Did Before /We Are The People We’ve Been Waiting For’


The official UEFA EURO 2020 song.

Back of the net?

or globalist howler?

Only you can decide

Martin Garrix?

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7 thoughts on “On Me Edge, Son

  1. Donald McCarthy

    We are the people, all eight billion of us, all millionaire rock stars, all living the dream.

  2. Chimpy

    A lot of Irish flags and green jerseys in that video….Jason McAteer? We didn’t even qualify ffs. Ridiculous.

    1. Hank

      Yawn. All four members of U2, as Irish citizens, have paid and still pay millions of Euro of tax to the Irish government. U2 as a company has accountants who use legal loopholes to keep the U2 Ltd tax bill as low as possible. Whether you agree with that or not is a separate thing but trotting out the old “they don’t pay tax in Ireland” line is simply not true. It’s an international company and they do exactly the same thing as many other international companies to minimise their tax bill. There are so many reasons you could legitimately pick on Bono – there’s really no need to invent ones which aren’t true!

      1. Hank

        See Liam, that’s how you do it!!!
        One thing though – you say they don’t pay a penny more than what’s legally mandated but, to be fair, they did make a €10 million donation for emergency PPE equipment at the start of Covid.
        And there’ve been other examples where they’ve donated other large amounts to Irish causes.
        That’s why people pulling them up on the tax thing doesn’t really ring true..

      2. Cian

        Any Broadsheet reader out there who pay a penny more tax than what’s legally mandated?

        anyone? anyone?

    2. Joan Burton

      Do you pay all your tax Liam ?

      You’ve Never done a nixer for cash ?

      Never as asked a tradesman for a deal for cash ?

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