Kept At Bay



Sandymount Strand, Dublin 4.

A Fine Gael Dublin Bay South by-election photo shoot with, top from left: Tanaiste Leo Varadkar, Frances Fitzgerald MEP and the party’s candidate James Geoghegan.

Thanks Sauvignon Blanc


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16 thoughts on “Kept At Bay

    1. Bitnboxy

      Get the Giggidy bus down to Sandymount Strand asap to sort that out! Something tells me you’ll be easy to spot though. Auld lad roaring obscenities…


      1. GiggigyGoo

        What’s that? Boxy has posted something and not referred to himself in the third person? You can feel the tension though.
        Narcissist is what narcissist does though. Gaslighter is what gaslighter does. Sad.
        Terrible you had to use more personae yesterday and use one in order to get a mention of me in. I truly own you now.

        1. Bitnboxy

          You own nowt but a cascade of grudges. What person your age behaves like you online?! And you have a pregnant daughter – lucky woman! She deserves better than having her father an effective troll.

          Don’t know anything about yesterday but I see I am always on your mind! Who owns who again?

          Jeepers- and at your age????

    1. goldenbrown

      lol, for a split second I read that as “Oswald Mosley warning”

      time for a break methinks, I’m away out for a hot beverage near the sea somewhere

  1. Johnny

    In many ways it’s understandable the snobbery in D4,but benching a elected TD-yes once but still -for this.

    His family tree – connections – represents too many opportunities for abuse of power-if say he became minister for justice…

    The Phoenix did a ‘family tree’ on Harris Tribe-its jaw dropping the power and influence he had in shaping Ireland’s biggest selling newspapers NI coverage.

    Any statement of support from his x wife – she supported his views for long enough.

  2. Dr.Fart

    not exactly looking like the kind of politicians the country want. when people demanded change, they weren’t looking for a rubber faced trinity conservatives, a barrister from generations of court judges, and a woman lifted directly out of the 1950s. Two of whom, have already played roles in castigating whistleblowers amongst a host of other “not very different at all” political malpractice

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