Failte Ireland is expected to publish guidelines later today for the reopening of the hospitality industry, including measures for indoor and outdoor dining

This morning.

Via RTÉ News:

The guidelines are expected to say that tables will have to be a metre apart for both indoor and outdoor dining.

But there will be one key difference in the approach to indoor hospitality, it will have a time limit unlike the service that will be offered outdoors.

There is also set to be a strong emphasis on ventilation when it comes to indoor dining.

Outdoor hospitality is expected to resume on 7 June, but Cabinet must decide on Friday when the sector can serve customers indoors again.

Time limit on indoor dining expected as hospitality guidelines due out (RTÉ)



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9 thoughts on “Dine Hard

  1. Zaccone

    The time limits are ridiculous. Instead of a group going to one table in one pub for the night you instead enforce mandatory pub crawls for the entire population, which much much more mixing as a result.

    They’re a classic example of the government bringing in corona measures that sound good in theory, but in the real world don’t work at all.

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