Up Before The Beak


In fairness.


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8 thoughts on “Up Before The Beak

    1. scottser

      without getting too arsey about it, that garda shouldn’t be in the water in just his uniform. canal water is toxic – you’d really want a good set of waders on you.

  1. SOQ

    Brave man is Karl- I wouldn’t do it- especially those swans around Drimnagh- all they are missing is a baseball cap and a fag hanging out of the beak- even Conor McGregor wouldn’t take them on.

    Seriously though- he could be doing more damage than good- was that not a job for the ISPCA?

    1. millie bobby brownie


      Swans are hard fuppers. Gits the lot of them.

      I expect Dr Fart to be along any minute now to accuse me of starting a genocide against swans.

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