Dáil at the Convention Centre.

Independent Clare TD Michael McNamara forcefully argues against an extension of covid emergency laws.

Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly had earlier told the Dáil that the pandemic measures will only need to be extended “for a very short time” – from June 9 until November 10 or sometime in February 2022 ‘at the latest’.


G’wan the Mattie!


G’wan the Verona!


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35 thoughts on “Enough

    1. Mr. T

      No harm keeping them in place for the next crisis to come up – HIV_2 coming next year

    1. Formerly known as

      I am in Melbourne, AUS. The RWNJ’s and Murdoch hacks spent last year complaining about the authoritarian left wing state govt. loving control and taking away rights. Well, when the virus was beaten, everyone got all their rights back. Now, grow up and learn about viruses.

        1. Peter

          They have, once they get the power they don’t let go easily. Also try get in to Australia, so much for rights.

    2. Cian

      Jazus, it was easier decommissioning the Provos.
      Seriously – you need to check your hyperbole.
      Yesterday “medical junta” today the provos.

      1. scottser

        it’ll be ayatollah martin next. although kim jong varadkar has a bit of a ring to it..

  1. Formerly known as

    This twitter response seems apt:
    Declan Monaghan
    Replying to
    You screamed and roared last December to open everything rapidly, got your wish and the consequences were dreadful. Now when a cautious opening is required, you are here screaming again! And to think you led the Covid Committee!

  2. Formerly known as

    If you don’t like safety, you can go to India and see if the virus is real.

    1. MoRhustyDilis

      Wow what a rant @ireland. It took three goes for you to get that nonsense down. I should feel sorry for you, but at this stage so many months on and with so much to read and learn, the utter nonsense you believe it scary. Better stay under your bed in Oz.

      1. Nigel

        Ah, the rhetoric of ‘cowardy cowardy custard.’ Formerly doesn’t have to hide, being in Australia, because they responded effectively. That’s Formerly’s point.

      2. Formerly known as

        @Mo – If you don’t like the truth, don’t read my comments. I can’t believe there are so many idiots after the last 15 months. Let me give it to you – If you want to live like you used to, lots of people will die. If you sacrifice for a short time, the virus can be beaten and you can go back to normal.

        1. SOQ

          If you check w o r l d o m e t e r s you will see that India’s Deaths / 1m Pop number is 109 which means 108 countries have more, including all of the hard lockdowns. Given the high levels of extreme poverty and third world health system, India is doing just fine. The western media’s hysterics is at this stage a source of of amusement to Indians apparently.

          I see Australia is still playing whack the mole and will continue to do until the winder season is over. According to Sunetra Gupta from Oxford University, what it has in its favour however is that the two main causes of death are COPD and Ashma- rather than viral. The same for New Zealand except more so apparently- she thinks NZ’s lockdown may actually work because of that.

          1. Formerly known as

            @SOQ – if you believe India’s official numbers, I have a bridge to sell you. I know many Indians and none of them think what is happening there is a joke.

          2. scottser

            ‘Given the high levels of extreme poverty and third world health system, India is doing just fine.’

            just have a think about what you’ve written there.

          3. SOQ

            @ Formely- if you are going to question India just because it doesn’t suit your narrative- then surely we can all play that game?

            @scotty- extreme poverty means no social distancing nor sanitation and third world health service means it is over whelmed with relatively low numbers- what is the problem in saying that?

            Michael McNamara’s point about increasing capacity is very valid- they done absolutely frig all here and again expected the people to carry the can.

          4. Nigel

            ‘what is the problem in saying that?’

            It’s factual as far as it goes, I’m just not clear what it’s supposed to be proving coming from someone who is dismissive of the seriousness of the pandemic and skeptical of the response, other than to count ourselves lucky that we have better infrastructure, sanitation and a relatively more effective and less corrupt government in dealing with the outbreak, which seems contradictory.

            ‘if you are going to question India just because it doesn’t suit your narrative- then surely we can all play that game?’

            Might be helpful if you didn’t treat it as a game? Last time you posted a link to numbers of deaths while making a similar statement, India had just passed everyone else and was still going up, sharply.

          5. scottser

            because india is not doing fine. it will never be doing fine. it’s absurd to say ‘if it wasn’t for the institutional misogyny, exclusion on the basis of caste, general grinding poverty and squalor, governmental incompetence and complete lack of infrastructure it would be grand’.

          6. SOQ

            India’s figures have been in decline for the past three weeks Nigel- its a classic Gompertz curve.

            India has less fatalities per million than 108 other countries including many who are far better equipped to deal with such outbreaks. Because a truth is inconvenient does not make it less so- you were lied to, end of.

          7. Nigel

            Given how densely populated India is, how many actual deaths does that represent, SOQ? Over 300,000 people, and most of those occurred since March, with a high probablility that they’re under-reported.

          8. Formerly known as

            On the topic of India’s numbers:


            “Experts around the world agree that India’s official figure of just over 300,000 coronavirus deaths is a severe undercount of the true tally. Using statistics from blood tests that survey how many Indians have been infected with the virus, The New York Times has estimated that the true death toll ranges from roughly double the official figures to potentially catastrophic levels of unacknowledged deaths of well over 1 million or even higher. “

          9. SOQ

            The New York Times is hardly an impartial player- they have been scaremongering right from the start. If you take the US’s rate per million which is 1826 and multiply it by India’s population of 1392 million you get a figure of roughly 2.5 million deaths. Are they really suggesting that India has hidden over 2 million deaths?

            If you want to cast a critical eye over the numbers being reported then it should be consistent- do you honestly believe China is tell the truth? Russia even? Because both of those countries are way more closed than India.

            India is being demonised and there is a reason for it. My money is on their use of HQC and especially, Ivermectin.

          10. Nigel

            No, we don’t know the numbers of under-reported deaths because they’re under-reported, YOU’RE suggesting that the pandemic has the potential to cause that many deaths in India, but inexplicably go on to suggest the reason people claim to find this alarming is because India is using particular types of medicine, and yet you expect to be taken seriously as someone with special insights into the current situation.

          1. Formerly known as

            @Mo – ZERO deaths from Covid in Australia in 2021. But as Nigel said, you know what I mean.

        2. K. Cavan

          “The virus can be beaten”, that’s demented nonsense, scientifically speaking. You’re probably in the right place, a demented nanny state.

          1. Formerly known as

            @K (if that is really your name) – ZERO deaths from Covid in Australia in 2021. I will take Oz over the populist and/or dithering governments that have failed to BEAT Covid.

          2. GiggidyGoo

            The Australian figures are based on statistics which show the total number of confirmed deaths from COVID-19′
            We don’t have such figures. We have them ‘with covid. Very subtle difference.

            Not a like-for-like comparison, just a clever use of words.

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