Arriving And Leaving


Loreto, Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2 earlier

This morning.

This year’s Leaving Certificate examinations are under way at schools throughout the country with students tackling English Paper 1.


This year’s 61,000 candidates were given a choice between exams or accredited grades, or both. The majority have opted for permutations involving both.

Where they sit an exam and receive an accredited grade they will be awarded whichever result is the higher out of both processes.

The exams begin this morning

Overall, 90% of candidates have registered to sit at least one exam – with the remainder opting for accredited grades only. Just under two-thirds intend sitting exams in five or more subjects.

90% of students intend to sit at least one exam as Leaving Cert begins (RTÉ)


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2 thoughts on “Arriving And Leaving

  1. millie bobby brownie

    The poor young wans. I’d say it’s even worse for them than last year. They’ve had two years of disrupted education during the two most important years of their school career so far. Can’t be easy walking in to face that.

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