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View of Rathgar, Dublin 6, from a drone; The Rubberbandits avatar

As research for a podcast, Blindboy, of The Rubberbandits, tweeted a few questions to his followers.

He asked:

“…how many of ye are moving out of Dublin? Not because ye can’t find work. But because it’s too expensive. And where are ye moving?”

They’re answering in their droves…






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Pic: Aerial.ie

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RTÉ’s Managing Director of News and Current Affairs, Kevin Bakhurst

RTÉ reports:

RTÉ has confirmed that Kevin Bakhurst, the managing director of the news and current affairs division, is to leave the organisation in October.

He will take up a position as Content Group Director for Ofcom, the communications regulator in the UK.

Mr Bakhurst joined RTÉ four years ago as managing director of the news and current affairs division, and was later appointed Deputy Director-General.

Kevin Bakhurst set to leave RTÉ in October (RTE)