Robbie Keane

“Money is scarce. They (the FAI) have had no crowds at the matches, no season ticket sales and no major sponsorships announced. You can understand that because it’s a difficult marketplace; the international team isn’t winning games.

“There’s a lot of doom and gloom. It’s been tough.

“Within that, surely you’d think they’d get that one dealt with so that Robbie isn’t being paid for not working. I’m sure he’d prefer to be working.

“Robbie was given a four-year deal by the previous maestro while the manager only had a one-campaign contract. That was a mad situation from the start.”

Former Republic of Ireland manager Brian Kerr on the FAI still paying Robbie Keane over a year after he lost his position as the national team’s assistant coach.

Champagne, anyone?

Brian Kerr: FAI must sort out ‘mad’ Robbie Keane situation (RTE)

Pic: FAI

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6 thoughts on “A Boyhood Dream

  1. Jonner

    maybe he will buy champagne, but that’s his business.

    FAI is a basket case but that’s not Robbie Keane’s doing and he shouldn’t be castigated for being paid in line with a contract that both parties signed.

    1. scottser

      it might be legal but that doesn’t make it right.
      he’s greedy git is keane. even when he was at the end of his playing days he was looking for a handy number with the FAI as an ‘ambassador’ to convince kids with an irish granny to declare for us. he wasn’t gonna do it for free, that’s for sure.

  2. one username per commenter please

    highly overrated player too. banging in goals against Macedonia. bottler on the big stage (apart from two times)

  3. Steph Pinker

    I’ve bought ponies for less than the [sponsored ad] Venturi Evo bicycle which retails for £2199.99; is any bicycle worth nearly £3000 – unless one is a semi/ professional rider?

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