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      1. Hyper real

        He’s just more honest about it
        The rest of them would do the same but try not to get caught

  1. GiggidyGoo

    How long before #leotheliar becomes popular again? According to the report above, he himself used fake pollsters, complete with fake business cards, to help get him elected in 2011. He denied knowledge of FG using fake pollsters just a few days ago.

    Even Judas had the sense to come clean.

    In the meantime, he says it’s great news that a Data Security firm is doubling its workforce. https://mobile.twitter.com/LeoVaradkar/status/1402173761026236418
    Erm…. hardly something that a distributor of Government confidential documents would welcome.

    1. Bitnboxy

      Good job then no one else was at this fake pollster malarkey. The Mary Lounatiks should start up with the hashtag again – people must know!

      Tell your pregnant daughter to mind her baby GiggidyGoo – as you have warned us before, Leo eats babies.


      1. GiggidyGoo

        Not referring to yourself in the third person anymore then? You know, a sure sign of a Narcissist and Gaslighter is exactly that – referring to oneself in the third person. It must be difficult for you to refrain.
        And the best you can do is to refer to a member of my family? You were called out on that by Millie and Papi a few weeks ago. https://www.broadsheet.ie/2021/05/17/at-bay/#comment-2314816
        Now toddle along like a good little boy.

      2. Ben Madigan

        Christ boxy, you’ve always been one of the most vexatious posters but you’ve stooped to new lows here.

        1. A Lovely Horst

          As sure as night follows day, Boxys alter ego is out of the traps. Youre not fooling anyone Boxy.

    2. Joe

      Uber Sleazy Leo will go up in the charts in the cohort of the low life’s that support the likes of Fine Gael. Don’t forget Sleazy Leo recommended that fake social media accounts be set up to support Fine Gael and what Leo recommends I would not be in the least surprised if his disciples supplied, all par for the course for Sleazy Leo.

    3. goldenbrown


      Malcolm Tucker melts poor Phillip’s mobile so his boss ends up having to go into disaster recovery mode deciding there’s no way out of it now except to hide in plain sight with a classic Daily Mail reverse ferret


  2. Donald McCarthy

    Good to see the Star going full Brexit and actually giving us news in French.

  3. GiggidyGoo

    DCC sell properties for €35,000. Squatters rights. Legally they haven’t. leg to stand on. An Isle of Man registered company bought them – and intends building apartments. Is there anyone in DCC with any sense of business acumen?

    1. Joe

      No one at the top in DCC has any sense of business acumen. They have overspent a fortune on the “temporary” pedestrian schemes coupled to screwing up Dublin traffic aligned with dangerous and in many cases useless bicycle lanes.
      In DCC land it will lead to promotions

  4. SOQ

    An interesting topic on social media at the moment is about a restaurant which has a sign up saying ‘Vaccinated Only’- I assume this is in England. I understand that as a marketing strategy it is intended to increase business, but it could very easily backfire.

    There is a sizeable amount of people who were and are uneasy about taking it but did so because of underlying health conditions or because they are in quite exposed professions. But that doesn’t mean they would have done so if those circumstances were not a factor. There is also quite a lot of people whom irrespective of there vaccinated status. disagree with this sort of medical segregation. And then there is obvious question of if it works then why should you care about other people’s status?

    All it is going to take is one person whom for what ever reason in a group who is not vaccinated for the entire group to go elsewhere- politics and business really don’t mix.

    1. scottser

      there’ll be some interesting test cases in the next while. while i’m vaccinated i won’t be inclined to prove it to anybody. maybe if i have to travel, or the state needs to know then fair enough. but if i just want a burger or a pint, or a new t-shirt say, they can all f right off asking me to prove if i’ve been vaccinated.

    2. Joe

      Excellent idea, who would want to sit beside the unvaccinated in a restaurant during a pandemic! Any Corona virus spreading event linked to a restaurant or pub would bury the business and they know it. Soft pressure like this will help to ensure the vaccine hesitant will be vaccinated for the public good. Excellent!

      1. SOQ

        Except you can still be infectious post vaccination- so there is no real communitarian argument.

        1. Cian

          Yes you can. But the likelihood is a lot lower.

          Its the same with the measles vaccine. Or indeed, any vaccine.

          1. SOQ

            The only certainty so far is that you can be still infectious- it is impossible to know how much, if any inoculation is likely at this point in the season, because numbers would be going dropping anyways.

            The theory is that the viral load is reduced therefore less infectious, but you can do the exact same thing Ivermectin which is a far better tested and therefore less risky treatment.

        1. GiggidyGoo

          There is joke abut giving an example of using the word ‘contagious’ in a sentence. I can’t remember the details, but it was to do with some political leader or other in the world, who told a lot of lies. He was caught out numerous times, but for him to finally admit he was a liar, well it took the …….

          1. Formerly known as @ireland.com

            I know the version where little Johnny has to put it in a sentence……..

      2. Tinytim

        A heck of a lot of people in their 40’s not vaccinated..because they are still in the queue, and sure they’ve not started with the 30s..
        as a business model you are excluding a heck of a lot of trade with that decision..including those who have been vaccinated but have brought their unvaccinated kiddos out for a meal.

        In very real terms it’s a form of apartheid, at least until everyone has had the opportunity to be vaccinated ( and even after then to a lesser extent)

        Even in Florida of all places they’ve brought in a law that prevents anyone being required proof of vaccination to gain access to a service; much to the chagrin of the cruise liners returning to operation

  5. Johnny

    Drones following morn/eve flight paths over hemp/cannabis grows then uploading that data,which gets analyzed using AI is fairly common.

    the next ‘toy’ in cultivation-we will probably give it a go.

    Unitree Go1: Accompany you to wherever you want to go!

    Intelligent Side-follow Robot.


    The Go1 comes in three versions:
    the $2,700 Go1 Air, $3,500 Go1, and $8,500 Go1 Edu.
    weighs about 12kg (26 pounds)

  6. f_lawless

    About 3 weeks ago BBC radio presenter, Lisa Shaw, was reported to have died aged 44 “after a short illness”. Days later, after her family spoke to the press, it become clear she had died from a blot clot shortly after receiving a Covid vaccine.

    Now another BBC radio presenter, Dom Busby, aged 53, is being reported as having died “after a short illness”. 12 weeks ago he posted on his Instagram channel (“radiobuz”) a photo of himself receiving a Covid vaccine. A week or so after that, he posted a comment “Back here after a very tough week #Radio #corona #jab”.

    Also, in another strange coincidence, 3 weeks ago, BBC radio presenter, Tony Lyman, was reported to have died aged 65 “after a short illness”. In this case, his death was attributed to a “recent leukemia diagnosis”.

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