No Moshing [Updated]





Iveagh Gardens, Dublin 2.

Go to your pod.



This afternoon.

Iveagh Gardens, Dublin 2.

Venue for tonight”s ‘test’ concert with James Vincent McMorrow

Brianna Parkin of Virgin telly tweets:

The white lines mark put pods which concert goers will be shown to. The Xs mark the 2 metre distance between groups of people…

Good times.


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15 thoughts on “No Moshing [Updated]

  1. one username per commenter please

    friend of mine entwined in the music industry. and he told me he got onto someone he knows organising this and asked were there any spare tickets or guest passes. and he said the performers got one guest pass each, and that half of the tickets were taken by government.

  2. Micko

    It is really odd that the gov won’t employ antigen testing at this thing. It’s helping artists all over Europe get back to normal.


    I see a lot of bands seem to be heading for Oct / Nov gigs here. Fingers crossed.

    Including these lads – coming here in Nov. On sale in the morning.

    I only discovered them the other day.

    If your into Joy Division inspired new wave straight from Belarus. Then these guys got ya covered ;)

    Molchat Doma

    Looks like a class live show too!

  3. Gabby

    A learning experience. Other entertainment events, some on a bigger scale, may be organised with public safety a priority.

  4. K. Cavan

    While the official press release says 500 attendees at the Iveagh Gardens, an aerial photo shows a crowd that looks like it would fit in the Iveagh Rooms, only joking, it looks to be just under 300 but maybe it (sort of) filled up later. To be honest, you couldn’t drag me to a sham of a mockery of two shams like that, even if you put on Joni Mitchell, Iggy Pop & Metallica & it was free in, on a gold-plated helicopter. There’s no viable business model in a farce like this, I’m being called to rehearsals but I can’t see the point, if we’re gonna be locked down when the next Flu Season arrives. Interestingly bands could’ve rehearsed all through lockdown by videoing the rehearsal on a phone, for internet broadcast, even if they never put it up.

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